9 Space-Saving Kitchen Gadgets You Should Have On Your Radar

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Everyone can benefit from extra space in the kitchen. No matter what size your kitchen may be, organization and more counter space are always a bonus. If you can acquire some tools and gadgets that’ll save you a little space, why not take advantage? Keep these nine space-saving kitchen gadgets on your radar.

1. Multipurpose Kitchen Bottle

This space-saving bottle has eight different kitchen tools including a funnel, juicer, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator and measuring cup.


2. Collapsible Kettle

A teapot or electric kettle can take up a lot of room on your countertop. This silicone and stainless steel device will collapse, so you can store it right until you need it.


3. Wire Hanging Kitchen Basket

Find something to hook this wire hanging basket onto and you’ll be saving yourself a ton of space. Instead of taking up a lot of room on your counter with fruits and vegetables, you can easily tuck them into these baskets.


4. Three-Piece Baking Sheets

You won’t have to worry about stacking your baking sheets anymore. These three sheets conveniently nestle together to save you space.


5. Magnetic Spice Jars 

These magnetic spice jars will stick right on the side of your fridge. You won’t have to stress anymore about spices falling on your head when you open the cabinet door.


6. Nesting Bowls

All of your prep bowls and measuring cups will magically fit together in one spot.


7. Collapsible Dish Rack And Drainer

If you’re a dish rack person, but it’s always taking up an obnoxious amount of room, this collapsible dish rack is pretty ideal. Whenever you’re not using it, slip it under the sink.


8. Fold Flat Grater

You don’t need to take up all of that space with a box grater when you can fold it flat and stack it in your cabinet.


9. Over-The-Sink Cutting Board

For anyone who is tight on counter space, this over-the-sink cutting board will be a lifesaver.



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