Hangover Cure: How to Put Yourself Back Together in 30 Minutes for $30

Best Way To Recover From a Hangover

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Everyone’s had those mornings. You know, the hangover you didn’t ask for after a few too many shots of tequila you didn’t plan on taking. Sometimes we can’t just lay in bed all day watching reruns of Friends when barely moving your head to check on the popcorn in the microwave seems like a big deal. After spending a cringe-worthy amount on drinks the night before, the last thing you want is to break the bank again to fix said monetary mistakes. However, whether it’s to see your new boyfriend’s mom for brunch or that company picnic you completely forgot about, sometimes a little investment can go a long way. Follow this list of hangover cure tricks and tips for less than $30 to aid your next fuzzy wakeup.

Step 1: Reboot.

Blowfish Tablets: $11.99

This hangover fix is basically a one-stop chug of aspirin with a jolt of caffeine to combat that raging headache and quell an uneasy stomach. Steps include dissolving two tablets into a 16-ounce glass of water and drinking as soon as possible before hopping in a cold shower. Pair this with another few cups of water or a bottle of Gatorade ($1.89), and after 20 minutes the effects should start to kick in.

Step 2: Hydrate your face.

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Neutrogena Hydro- Boost Hydrating Mask: $2.99

After thoroughly washing your face in the shower, apply this quick 15-30 minute mask from Neutrogena. Right now, your body is aching for hydration in any way possible, and this quick fix should leave your skin looking moisturized and calm, whether or not you actually feel so inside.

Step 3: Pretend like everything is okay.

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Don’t forget to breathe. Keep drinking water. Just act like it’s going to be fine and pray power of the hangover gods will give you strength; sit with your head between your legs if you really need to. It’s all going to be okay.

Step 4: De-puff and decongest.

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Thera Pearl Eye Mask: $8.24

Instead of crawling up in a ball on the floor, laying your head on the cool tiles and whining with your roommates of alcohol induced-regret, go the efficient route with this cooling eye mask. This magical little tool was originally created to treat symptoms of allergies and headaches, but it functions as a powerful hangover cure as well.  It’s the only product on this list that requires a form of semi-preparation which is just placing it in the freezer the night before — manageable with a little bit of forethought. It should de-puff your eyes and soothe your migraine in just 20 minutes, especially combined with Blowfish Tablets listed above.

Step 5: Grease up.

With just a little under $5 left in your pocket, treat yourself to a classic bacon (optional), egg and cheese on a deliciously over-buttered bagel or any other greasy treat. Though it’s proven to have only psychological benefits rather than physical, after a long night of going out, sometimes all you need is a bit of comfort food to get you through the day. If that’s not apart of the plan, go for a banana to get some potassium in your body or try this new South Korean ice cream bar to change it up.


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