We Tested 3 Hangover Cure Products To See Which Works Best


We get it, having a few cocktails at your office holiday party is fun. You’re having a great time watching your coworkers finally let loose after a year of crazy deadlines and passive aggressive emails. The booze is flowing and good times are being had. All is right in the world until your alarm starts blaring at six in the morning the next day.

Enter: your least favorite morning-after companion, a horrible hangover. To fight this nasty beast, we grabbed three of the most popular hangover cure products, three bottles of wine and a little bit of skepticism, and put these cures to the test. How did they stack up? Check out the results below.

Cure 1: BlowFish

The gist: Dissolve one or two tablets in a 16oz glass of water when you wake up the morning after drinking.

Price: 40 tablets for $25  ($1.25 per night out)

Pros: This cure requires no planning since it is taken the next morning. You can easily go out all night without having to remember a single step or pack anything extra in your bag. Blowfish is perfect for anyone who says, “I’m not going to drink tonight,” and then ends up in a beer-chugging contest at 3AM.

Cons: While the other two cures below attempt to nip your hangover symptoms in the bud before you even wake up, BlowFish only comes into play the next morning when you’re already feeling like shit.

How did we feel?: We woke up feeling hungover which obviously sucks, but after downing this bubbly concoction we were singing a different tune. Was it delicious? Not really. Did it work? We can happily say that no major symptoms lingered after Blowfish kicked in.

Bottom line: Pick this cure if you want a carefree night without having to do any advanced planning.

Cure 2: Sprayology Party Relief

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The gist: Spray twice under the tongue before drinking, then two sprays per hour as you continue to drink.

Price: $29 for a 1.38oz bottle (cost per night depends on how many hours you spend drinking)

Pros: Perfect for anyone who hates taking pills. This little bottle is pretty portable, so don’t worry about needing to save too much extra room in your bag. It can be a fun conversation starter when people notice what you’re doing.

Cons: Remembering to spray every hour is all fun and games at the beginning of the night, but once a few drinks have hit your system, punctuality may not be your strong suit. People may also give you weird looks when you stop mid-conversation to give yourself a few hourly spritzes, but once tomorrow hits and they’re hanging their heads in the toilet, you’ll be the one laughing.

How did we feel?: Shockingly good! This cure surprised us the most since a mouth spray seems unconventional to help with any type of ailment. The next morning we were bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on the day. The taste? A little strange, but not bad at all.

Bottom line: Pick this cure if you’re someone who is good at sticking with a routine, even after a few gin and tonics come into play.

Cure 3: Flyby

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The gist: Three pills before you start drinking, three pills before bed.

Price: $29.95 for a bottle of 60 ($2.99 per night out)

Pros: This cure doesn’t require that you carry out any steps during the course of your partying. Unlike the other two cures above, Flyby has no taste, so those of you with sensitive palettes are in the clear.

Cons: If you’re someone who falls asleep before the pizza delivery man even comes with your order, you may have trouble remembering to down the final three pills before you pass out. Also, if you absolutely can’t take big pills, this cure isn’t for you as they’re not exactly tiny little birth control-sized.

How did we feel?: Like we hadn’t been drinking the night before. Seriously. No lingering headache, dizziness or nausea to be found. Is Flyby a miracle? All signs point to yes.

Bottom line: Pick this cure if you don’t have time to hassle with a hangover the next day, but won’t forget to pop a few pills right before you hit the hay.