The Best Travel TV Show For You When You’re All Out Of Vacation Time

best travel tv shows

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We know it’s tragic when you realize you’re all out of vacation time and have to wait until it renews to plan another big trip. But while you’re chilling at home and saving up for another adventure, put one of these travel TV shows on your must-watch list. They’ll keep the wanderlust at bay — at least for as long as the episodes last.

For The Foodie: “Salt Fat Acid Heat”

If you love food and want to really focus on what makes food great, binge the four episodes of “Salt Fat Acid Heat” on Netflix. You’ll learn all about these four components that bring dishes to the next level while getting glimpses into the areas around the world that have perfected them. But the best part of this show is host Samin Nosrat’s pure joy when it comes to all things food.

For Those Wanting To Go Off The Beaten Path: “Parts Unknown”

The quintessential travel show from the king of modern travel (we miss you, Bourdain), “Parts Unknown” brings travelers away from the familiar and into places they didn’t even know they wanted to visit. Bourdain covers everything from food to culture to history and, although he’s no longer with us, his lessons are timeless.

For The Nature Lover: “Planet Earth”

From the highest reaches of the mountains to the absolute bottom of the sea, “Planet Earth” shows it all. And the cinematography is so stellar that you’ll feel like you’re right there through your screen. But heads up: Those bottom-of-the-sea creatures are freaky. We wouldn’t advise watching this one right before jumping in the ocean…

For When You’re Wanting A Laugh: “Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father”

The premise of this show is hilarious in itself: Jack Whitehall brought his dad on a backpacker’s route through Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam), and comedy basically oozes out of every minute. And the second season? Eastern Europe.


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