Stream These Travel Movies Tonight To Fuel Your Sense Of Wanderlust

best travel movies

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Sometimes when you can’t take a trip, you need a little bit of wanderlust entertainment in your life. These are the best travel movies you can stream right now, from the ones that will make you giggle uncontrollably to the ones that will make you sob to the ones that will make you jump on Google Flights to research cheap deals from Spain to New Zealand (or South America to Southeast Asia — whatever catches your eye).

Although some ultimate classics like “Before Sunrise,” “The Beach,” “Lost in Translation” and “Wild” are no longer streaming, you can check off some of the films on your travel movie bucket list tonight with these picks — all depending on your mood, of course. Whether you want to channel Tokyo, Barcelona or Belgium, make some popcorn and settle in for a feature-length adventure that you can get on your computer with one simple click of a button.

Totally Cheesy

“Girls Trip”

You wish your gal pal vacations were like the Flossy Possy’s. This movie is sassy, heartfelt and just a little bit dirty, like any boozy brunch ends up being with your best friends of years and years. Watch it and get ready for the laughs.

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“Letters To Juliet”

We won’t lie — this movie is pure sap. It’s a young fact checker’s “Eat, Pray, Love,” following her whirlwind road trip around Italy to help a charming old lady find her long-lost love, with her handsome grandson in tow.

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Admittedly, this movie isn’t great (it is a Netflix OG creation), but we still love it. It’s a totally silly ride that follows three twenty-somethings on a business trip-turned-raucous weekend in Ibiza. Just like your quarter-life crisis Europe trip, it’s a little wild, because why the heck not?

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Break Your Heart

“Into The Wild

Before Cheryl Strayed hit the Pacific Crest Trail in “Wild,” travelers were obsessing over the true story of Chris McCandless, or Alexander Supertramp, as he called himself. The movie isn’t a surprise in the tragic ending but will kill you every time you watch the optimistic wanderer on the road until his ultimate demise in Alaska.

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If you’re a movie crier, this 2016 Oscar nom is going to be a challenge for you. Dev Patel’s character searches for his family after being separated from them nearly two decades earlier in India and adopted by a loving Australian mother, played by Nicole Kidman.

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Make You Buy A Ticket ASAP

“Under The Tuscan Sun”

This book-turned-movie true story follows an American woman through her home renovations on her dream house in Tuscany. Spoiler alert: Not everything goes as planned.

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“Midnight in Paris”

This sweet take on nostalgia will have you aching to be in France (in the rain, obviously), in whatever time period is your favorite, as well as right now in 2018 Paris. Owen Wilson is dorkily adorable and Marion Cotillard is chic French perfection.

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“Mamma Mia”

There’s no wrong time to watch Mamma Mia, but every time you do, it will make you want to book a trip to Greece immediately and sing your heart out before you jump into the truest blue sea on a quaint island.

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Not feeling any of the streaming options? 

We’d recommend renting “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” “The Way,” “In Bruges” or “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.” But hey, you can always watch an Indiana Jones movie (although skip the fourth one and stick to the oldies). And if that doesn’t get you to press play, we’d point you to some of our favorite movies from the past century, “Roman Holiday” and “Out of Africa.”


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