5 Soju Cocktails You Need On Your Libation List

best soju cocktails


If you don’t know soju, it’s time to get acquainted. Soju is a clear distilled Korean beverage that’s made from starches like rice, wheat, sweet potatoes and tapioca. It’s similar to sake but stronger and a little bit sweeter. With an ABV between 15 and 45 percent, restaurants can get away with selling soju under a wine and beer license. You can sip on soju, take shots or blend it into a cocktail. Speaking of cocktails, here are five soju-based ones you should definitely have in your rotation.

1. Orange Soju Mojito

Mojito fans, listen up. To make an orange soju mojito, you’ll need a bunch of fresh mint leaves, agave nectar, two shots of soju and sparkling water. If you want something a little more on the tangy side, add a little bit of yuzu to the cocktail.

2. Apple Soju Cocktail

The sweetness of the apples and the sweetness of the soju are a complimentary duo. This apple soju cocktail has Pink Lady or Granny Smith apple, soju, chilled tonic water and lime. Once you cut the apple into matchstick-sized pieces, you’ll have an edible mixing tool on your hands.

3. Soju Yogurt Cocktail

best soju cocktails


Yogurt and soju are a popular pair in Korea. A yogurt soju cocktail has tonic water, grapefruit juice and a Korean yogurt drink (either Yakult or Calpis). The yogurt tends to cover up the soju, making this creamy cocktail dangerously easy to drink.

4. Citrus-Soju Collins

Lemon lovers, this one’s for you. A citrus-soju collins has ginger syrup, lime juice, limoncello, soda water and lemon for garnish. Between the sweetness of the soju, tanginess of the citrus and spiciness of the ginger, this cocktail has a little bit of everything going on.

5. Soju Watermelon Cocktail

For an easy three-ingredient cocktail that’s perfect for summer, try whipping up a soju watermelon cocktail. You’ll need two seedless watermelons, two bottles of soju and a bunch of ice. We bet you’ll be sipping on these for the unforeseeable future.


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