5 Champagne Cocktails That Are Better Than Mimosas

best champagne cocktails


As warm weather comes into full swing, it’s time to get excited about all of those beach picnics on the horizon. And there’s no better way to celebrate the season than with champagne cocktails. These five bubbly concoctions put mimosas to shame.

1. French 75

When you need something a little stronger than a mimosa, spike your champagne with some gin. A classic French 75 is made with lemon juice, gin, simple syrup and sparkling wine. Add any other ingredients that would compliment the botanical notes of the gin and garnish it with lemon peel.

2. Bourbon Lancer

Whiskey fans,  you’ll want to get the bourbon lancer under your belt. This spiked cocktail is made with bourbon, champagne and bitters. While it might seem like a weird combination, it works. Here’s a recipe for a bourbon lancer that’ll make both bubbly and bourbon lovers happy.

3. Champagne Mojito

It doesn’t get more summery than a champagne mojito. You have the freshness of the mint combined with the refreshingly cool carbonation of the champagne. Here’s a champagne mojito recipe that combines the best of both worlds. When you feel like being a little extra, try shaking up strawberry champagne mojitos with white rum and diced strawberries.

4. Black Velvet

For both beer and wine lovers, a black velvet is a dark and creamy cocktail you can mix up for any occasion. To make a black velvet, all you’ll need is a dark stout like Guinness and a bottle of cold champagne. Here’s a recipe for a black velvet that’s both rich and refreshing at the same time.

5. Elderflower Cocktail

If you’ve never tried elderflower liqueur, you should give it a shot. The most common brand of elderflower liqueur is St. Germain. For a flowery summer drink, whip up a batch of elderflower cocktails with cucumber, lemon, mint, elderflower liqueur and champagne.


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