6 Products That’ll Help You Kick Motion Sickness To The Curb When Traveling

best motion sickness remedies

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We love exploring the world as much as the next person, but getting to and from our destination of choice is easily the worst part about traveling. Whether you’re traveling via car, train or plane, you’re bound to run into some issues or annoyances along the road. Sometimes, these even come in the form of motion sickness. Feeling ill when traveling in a moving vehicle or plane is very common, and motion sickness affects a whopping 33 percent of the population.

This disorder can manifest itself in the form of fatigue, dizziness, vomiting or just general uneasiness — whatever the case, it makes you feel like absolute crap. Sure, there are plenty of natural remedies that you can try to relieve motion sickness but when those fail, it’s probably time that you seek out something a little more effective. These six products can help you manage your motion sickness and make traveling much more enjoyable.

1. Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum

This product combines two of the best natural remedies for motion sickness: chewing gum and ginger. The act of chewing gum alone has been found to relieve nausea in those afflicted by motion sickness and studies have shown that consuming ginger can help reduce vomiting symptoms, too. This ginger gum is an inexpensive and drug-free relief for motion sickness symptoms. Each pack of gum provides the equivalent of 12 grams of fresh ginger root. The best part? According to customer reviews, it doesn’t have that overwhelming ginger taste that some of us dread.

2. MQ Motion Sickness Patches

These drug-free patches help ease your gastrointestinal tract to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness. To use them, simply place a patch behind your ear 10 minutes before your plane takes off or you start your road trip. Each patch is said to last for up to three days. These patches are easily portable and they seem to be very popular among costumers, with a 4.3-star (out of five) rating and over 1,300 customer reviews on Amazon.

3. Reliefband Motion Sickness Wristband

This watch-like wristband offers a more stylish solution to motion sickness. When attached to your wrist, it works by delivering a very specific pattern of pulses that stimulate a nerve underneath the skin of your inner wrist called the median nerve. This nerve is responsible for preventing nausea and other motion sickness symptoms. Once you activate the wristband, you should start feeling your motion sickness symptoms dissipate within minutes. Reliefband offers five different intensities, so you can adjust it depending on the severity of your discomfort.

4. InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils aren’t just great for helping you fall asleep and giving you energy, some varieties — like ginger oil, peppermint oil and lavender oil —can also help relieve nausea symptoms caused by motion sickness. This portable essential oil diffuser is perfect for helping you reduce motion sickness symptoms during a road trip. Simply plug it into your car’s USB port and place it in your cup holder, you only need to use a few drops of essential oil for each session. You should be using the diffuser for no more than an hour at a time. If you’re traveling by plane or train and you don’t want to bring this gadget along, taking a few sniffs from your essential oil bottle or using an essential oil necklace could help, too.

5. Sea-Band The Original Wristband For Adults

Acupressure, or applying pressure to certain points on the body for healing purposes, is an effective method for relieving nausea and other motion sickness symptoms. As mentioned above, there’s a specific nerve located on the inside of our wrists that, when stimulated, helps prevent nausea and vomiting. These wristbands are effective at stimulating that nerve by putting pressure on it.

6. Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief Original Formula

We’re not big on pill popping, but if you really can’t kick your motion sickness to the curb, you might want to try taking an over-the-counter antihistamine like the popular Dramamine. This FDA-approved medication will help relieve nausea and dizziness in half an hour. Don’t take it if you’re driving or you need to be alert because it can cause mild drowsiness. If you’re on a long flight and have a talkative neighbor, however, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


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