5 Natural Ways To Keep Motion Sickness At Bay


If the thought of experiencing turbulence or riding a roller coaster is enough to make you want to hurl, you probably have motion sickness and you’re likely aware of it. At times it can seem like there is no end to the struggle. Thankfully, these five natural ways to tackle your motion sickness could help kick your stomach knots to the curb and let you live.

1. Consume ginger, and lots of it.

It should come as no surprise that ginger has healing properties and can get you feeling better in no time after the nasty flu or a cold, but that’s not all it does. Some studies show that ginger can help reduce vomiting symptoms in motion sickness patients if taken before a potentially triggering event.

2. Pack some mints.

Peppermint is a well-known stomach soother, which is why some of your medicines may have peppermint in them. One study shows that peppermint is particularly effective in helping prevent motion sickness. Pop a peppermint or chew some gum before taking off on that flight.

3. Stick with bland foods, and in small portions.

A pack of crackers or a plain turkey sandwich will make you feel a lot better than spicy or greasy food. Make sure to steer clear of anything acidic and irritating, and eat in small portions to help keep your digestive system regulated.

4. Consistently sip water, and for the love of the universe, stay away from alcohol.

Water is crucial to keeping multiple organs, including your stomach, in check. Alcohol, as you probably know, is a diuretic, which flushes the fluid out of your system, and can irritate your stomach. Hydrate and avoid alcohol the night before any activity that could cause you motion sickness.

5. Seek fresh air.

Fresh air is a naturally pleasant feeling for anyone, so anytime you can get some, you’ll have a better chance to keep motion sickness at bay. If you can’t get fresh air, the next best thing is to direct any air (like from a fan or a vent) on you.