What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

best ice cream flavor for your personality


Whether you’re an avid ice cream eater who licks up a cone a day or someone who enjoys the occasional scoop, you probably have a favorite flavor. Here are traits associated with nine of the most popular flavors. Which one are you?

1. Vanilla — You like to play it safe.

best ice cream flavor for your personality
Wikimedia Commons

You’re risk-averse and you’d rather stick with what you know versus venturing into the unknown. This tendency keeps you from making a lot of mistakes because when you know what works for you, you keep doing it no matter how many times people tempt you to go in a different direction. This sense of certainty has brought you a lot of success. We envy your self-assurance, but we also challenge you to do a few more things that get you out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

2. Chocolate — You’re intense.

best ice cream flavor for your personality
Pexels / Min An

You’re intense and passionate about every aspect of your life. You’re fierce when it comes to work, relationships and the goals that you set for yourself. Those whom you love, you love intensely, and those whom you hate, you hate with equal fervor. Because you set the bar so high for yourself, you can sometimes create unrealistic expectations, and when you fall short, you can’t help but beat yourself up about it. We love your work ethic and the way you care for your loved ones, but we also want to remind you that it’s okay to kick back and relax sometimes.

3. Strawberry — You’re a true romantic.

best ice cream flavor for your personality
Unsplash / Anita Austvika

You love to love. Even though the sweet emotion has gotten your heart broken more than a few times in the past, you’re still willing to put yourself out there. When you’re not in a relationship, you tend to feel like there’s something missing in your life. When you are, you pour your heart and soul into that relationship and go out of your way to make your partner happy. We admire that you’re brave enough to give in to love, but we challenge you to get comfortable with being alone, too.

4. Mint Chocolate Chip — You’re indecisive.

best ice cream flavor for your personality
Wikimedia Commons

If mint chocolate chip is your favorite ice cream flavor, you probably couldn’t decide whether you preferred mint, chocolate or chocolate chip — so you decided to go with a combo of all three. You like to think things through at length before making decisions, making pro-and-con lists at every turn. As a result, most of your decisions are well-informed and typically lead you in the right direction. But at times, you’d rather other people make the decisions because you hate choosing for yourself. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, but it might be time to trust your gut instinct more often.

5. Cookie Dough — You’re everyone’s best friend.

best ice cream flavor for your personality
Keegan Evans / Pexels

You’re one of those people who’s going to have a hard time picking fewer than 10 friends to be your bridesmaids or groomsmen on your wedding day. You get along with pretty much everyone you meet and can become best friends with a stranger in less than five minutes. You can never have too many social skills, but try to remember that quality reigns over quantity where friendship is concerned.

6. Cookies ‘N’ Cream — You’re the sweet one.

best ice cream flavor for your personality
Unsplash / Alex Jones

You’re kind to friends and strangers alike. It’s impossible for you to be mean or rude — even if you want to be sometimes. You frequently shower your loved ones with thoughtful gifts and affection. You even make other peoples’ days by offering to pick up their slack at work or elsewhere. Since you’re so sweet, everyone adores you. But beware, some people might take advantage of your kindness to get what they want at your expense. Don’t lose your kind heart, but remember that bravery is also a worthy trait.

7. Party Cake — You’re the life of the party (duh).

best ice cream flavor for your personality
Calebe Miranda / Pexels

A party isn’t really a party until you walk into the room. Your calendar is overflowing with social events and you say yes to all of them — even if that means sacrificing sleep all week. You have the guts to strike up a conversation with the band that gets your friends backstage after a concert. You start the conga line at weddings even when you were invited as a plus one. We adore your energy but challenge you to stay in a couple of nights a week for your own well-being and self-care.

8. Butter Pecan — You’re an old soul.

best ice cream flavor for your personality
Wikimedia Commons

You’re wise beyond your years, and you’d rather stay in with a good book than attend a bustling party (you don’t really get along with Party Cake). Your friends always come to you for advice and often view you as a big sister. Being so centered is enviable, but letting go can be incredibly liberating. You should try it out sometime.

9. Sherbet — You’re a free spirit.

best ice cream flavor for your personality
Ruth Hartnup / Wikipedia

You’re not afraid to be you, no matter what anyone else thinks. Sometimes you feel like you come from another planet because you think differently than your friends and family members. But this contrast doesn’t really bother you. To you, individuality and freedom are more important than security and stability. As a result, it’s often hard for you to maintain a steady job or a long-term relationship. We admire the fact that you truly know who you are but encourage you to stick with things for a little longer before you decide to discard them.


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