What Your Favorite Junk Food Says About Your Personality

Unsplash/ Patrick Fore

Salty or sweet, gooey or chunky, fried or cheese-covered, everyone has a favorite guilty pleasure junk food. You know — that one delicious treat you crave after a long, hard day or you salivate over when it pops up in your Instagram feed. It may depend on your mood, the weather or the city you’re in, but did you know your favorite junk food can also be indicative of your personality?  It’s true — your junk food preferences say more about your personality than you might think.


It’s the sweet ones that go for the donuts. Always friendly, donut lovers are smiling 24/7, which makes sense if they’re eating donuts! Whether its the perfect glaze or delectable chocolate-covered-sprinkles, behind every donut is sugary, doughy, irresistible goodness.


Unsplash/ Charles Deluvio

If your junk food preference is a bag of popcorn, chances are you are very versatile. You’re ready to snack on popcorn while binge-watching Netflix, driving or even just chatting with friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s covered with butter, caramel or chocolate — you’re game for anything. Popcorn is just as flexible as you are, making it the perfect junk food of choice for you.

Potato Chips

A potato chip lover can always be trusted. They are a tried-and-true friend that can appreciate the classic things in life. That’s why they love a good ol’ bag of potato chips. They know that no matter what trendy food item may come their way, they will stay loyal to their favorite junk food. After all, potato chips are a timeless snack that never goes out of style. Everyone needs a potato chip lover in their life.



Oreo enthusiasts are often in touch with their youthful side. The tasty simplicity of an Oreo cookie brings them back to the happiest of their childhood days. Just like the iconic cookie – with its hard exterior and soft, creamy interior – Oreo lovers can come off harsh at first glance, but beneath this façade lies a center of absolute (delicious) delight.


If your go-to junk food of choice is nachos, you’re living life on the edge. With nachos, you never know what will come with each savory bite. Beans? Guacamole? Maybe a spicy hot pepper? Your spontaneous personality leaves you ready for anything. If there’s a new nachos recipe on the menu, you’re game to try it. You’re all about keeping things spicy.


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