What Your Steak Preference Says About Your Personality

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*From our partner Omaha Steaks

Steak lovers, we bet you know exactly how you like your cut of meat prepared, and we also bet you know when your meal isn’t done perfectly. It’s okay — you shelled out for the steak, and you deserve the steak of your dreams. Guess what, though? Your steak preference says a lot about your personality.

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So, let’s get to it, shall we? Find out what your steak preference says about you.


You don’t just enjoy a good adventure — you have a deep appreciation for it. Your loved ones can find you bungee jumping off the highest waterfall cliff in the world or taking a fire baton-twirling class to get your heart pumping. You live for the big moments, and you know how to have a good time, even if things get a little risky.

Medium Rare

You like to tow the line between safe and adventurous. You have a diverse group of friends who can take you along on that big ski trip or keep you cozy in their apartments for a movie night. You have impeccable taste in food and attention to detail that makes you the perfect chef, party planner — you name it. You might be a little (or a lot) Type A, but that only makes you more reliable and trustworthy.


You’re a firm believer in balance. Your friends call you the mediator because you can always separate yourself from issues and offer an unbiased perspective. You don’t think there’s anything wrong with not taking sides — you simply prefer to stay neutral and keep everyone happy. If you were an inanimate object, you’d be one of those comforting weighted blankets that oozes reassurance and safety.

Medium Well

You tend to stick with what you know, but you can be tempted to change your ways. For the most part though, you’re a minimalist and stick to the basics. You may have wanted to try that insanely trendy haircut six months ago, but you always end up doing what you’ve always done. You save your adventurous streak for the big moments and keep the rest plain and simple.

Well Done

Has anyone told you lately how stubborn you can be? But those close to you absolutely love you for it. You know what you like and you can’t be convinced otherwise. Acquaintances and colleagues are often in awe of how sure you are of your wants, needs and goals. You’re not afraid to speak up if you feel you’re not receiving exactly what you asked for, and you can be counted on to be the honest voice in the room.