8 Adorable Pup Instagram Accounts To Follow For Daily Doses Of Cuteness

best dog instagram accounts 2019


When we’re having a ruff day, nothing cheers us up quite like cuddling with our favorite four-legged, furry friends. But if you’re someone who hasn’t jumped on the dog-owning bandwagon yet, you have to get your furry fix elsewhere.

Luckily, dog Instagram accounts can solve all of your puppy-loving problems. Pawrents everywhere are now sharing adorable pictures of their pups on a daily basis, and they’re all out there for you to fawn over if you know which accounts to follow. We’ve rounded up eight of our faves below so you can have an instant pick-me-up whenever you’re in need.

1. Fozzie the Labradoodle â€” @fozziegram


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Follow Fozzie the Labradoodle and his brother Benny as they frolic in nature, make new friends, snuggle up on the couch and make adorable messes. Fozzie isn’t just a pampered pup — he’s also a certified therapy dog. His mission in life is basically to put smiles on people’s faces, and we guarantee that his Insta account will put a smile on yours every day.

2. Maxwell the Shih Tzu â€” @maxdontgiveashihtzu


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Max the rescue Shih Tzu mix is just another chill California dude. He resides in Los Angeles and, like many Los Angelinos, his three favorite things in life are brunching, sleeping and selfies. Follow Max as he explores sandy beaches and trendy coffee shops. No one beats his level of suave.

3. Phil the Bernese Mountain Dog â€” @phil_the_berner


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Phil’s an OG Seattle-born Bernese Mountain Dog. This gentle giant enjoys hanging out at local breweries with his dad and giving high fives for treats. He also likes going on car rides with his pawrents, especially when they involve trips to Starbucks. On Phil’s Insta account, you’ll find pictures of him as a puppy and more recent ones of him as the full-grown 4-year-old pupper that he is now.

4. Mila the Aussiepoo â€” @mila_theaussiepoo


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This unique-looking pup is half Australian Shepherd and half poodle, making her the adorable Aussiepoo that she is. Mila’s also a dual-citizen dog — she’s part Slovakian and part Northern American, taking after her humans. Follow her as she travels to scenic waterfalls and ski resorts around Washington state and plays with pumpkins and her mom’s favorite heels.

5. Sir Clyde the Basset Hound â€” @clydethebasset


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Basset hounds are known for looking hilarious and adorable at the same time, just like Sir Clyde, a senior Basset hound with 11,000+ followers on Instagram. Sir Clyde enjoys wearing hats of all kinds, including top hats and berets. He’s a very sophisticated pup who expects nothing less than the best of the best from his humans.

6. Simba the Corgi â€” @simbacorg


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Simba, the forever-smiling 7-year-old Corgi enjoys wearing stylish bow ties and hanging out with his mom at CrossFit classes. He lives in Portland, Oregon and frequently hangs out with his Labradoodle friend Hobbes (@hobbes_in_wonderland).

7. Lady the Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel â€” @ladytakessweden


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Lady is a 6-year-old Cavalier currently residing in Sweeden. She enjoys wearing bows and silently judging her pawrents. Lady’s a true diva — she even owns a stuffed animal that looks just like her.

8. Frede and Frida the Staffordshire Bull Terriers â€” @fredefrida


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Frede and Frida are an adorable brother-and-sister duo putting an end the negative stigma surrounding Pitbulls. They’re both rescue dogs adopted by their pawrents from two different kennels. Follow them as they snuggle together and play with their mom, dad and little brother. Frede and Frida live with their family in Brazil, so the captions on their Insta account are all in Portuguese, but you don’t need a translator to appreciate their adorable faces.

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