These 100 Percent Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands Are Magical In Multiple Ways

best cruelty free skincare brands

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When California’s state legislature announced in early September 2018 that it would be banning animal testing in consumer products by the year 2020, we did a not-so-little happy dance. So many manufacturers employ the use of animals in designing their cosmetics and skincare products, and it doesn’t always end so well for our furry friends. That’s why we’re often on the lookout for options that not only take caution with our natural environment, but also take great care of our skin. Below are five of our favorite cruelty-free brands that are true miracle workers when it comes to natural skincare.

1. Amala

best cruelty free skincare brands


Amala’s mission is all about elevating natural beauty with pure, proven effective skincare developed in harmony with nature. The products are packed with whole plant ingredients, and the clinically-tested formulas have always been 100 percent cruelty-free. The German-based company is also NATRUE-certified, which is one of the highest global standards for natural and organic cosmetic certification. And when it comes to their products, we’re obsessed with the soothing dessert fig cream cleanser and hydrating jasmine treatment oil.

2. Yes To

Whoever says you can’t find quality, cruelty-free skincare in the drugstore aisle is sadly mistaken. Yes To has been a go-to pick of ours for years – and with good reason. From the brightening grapefruit collection to the soothing cucumber collection to the brand’s latest foray into clarifying charcoal, we love that we can have all of our skin’s needs met within a reasonable budget. And honestly, the carrot vitamin-enriched kale facial wipes are a must-take in our carry-on bag whenever we’re traveling and know our skin is going to need some daily (but easily accessible) TLC.

3. Brazilian Skin

best cruelty free skincare brands

Brazilian Skin

This powerful anti-aging skincare line is all about combining the miracles of science and the wonders of the Amazon. Seriously, if you’re a twenty-something who’s already thinking about keeping your face looking decades young but have no interest in cosmetic procedures, check out this cruelty-free, low-key option. It’s backed by plenty of dermatologists’ recommendations, and it could help you get the healthy, revitalized, smoother and tighter skin you want. We love Bratoxinsta, the company’s skin-tightening gel for around your eyes and forehead that nixes any need for Botox.

4. Kiss My Face

Here’s another one you can buy almost anywhere, from Amazon to Ulta to CVS. This natural skincare brand literally got its start on a 200-acre farm in New York, and that part of their story remains a critical part of their DNA even in the 21st century. Over the course of the past 35 years, they’ve made predominantly vegan products and never tested their products on animals. While their catalog ranges from skincare to body care to oral care and beyond, we’re forever loyal to the pomegranate grapefruit shaving cream. It’s perfectly rich, smells super fresh and always leaves our skin feeling nourished and happy (rather than razor-burned and seriously pissed).


best cruelty free skincare brands


This Aussie skincare brand comes from an expert naturopath who wanted to create an all-natural, gender-neutral collection using the power of the country’s native ingredients to transform skin. We love how eco-friendly the packaging is — everything is recyclable, much of it is compostable and you receive a metal turnkey with tube-based products to ensure that you put every last drop to good use. It’s also connected with 1% For The Planet, dedicating a portion of their proceeds to the environment. If we had to pick our fave product from ASARAI, it would definitely be the Sleepercell corrective botanical serum. That stuff seriously transforms your skin overnight.

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