Why You Should Go Organic With Your Skincare Products


Do you know whether your skincare products are good for you? Just as important, do you know how your skincare products affect the environment? If those considerations matter to you, going organic with your skin products is the way to go.

We spoke with Grigore Madikians, founder and CEO of Gaffer & Child, an organic and plant-based skincare and hair products company. It prides itself on creating products you can literally eat — that’s just how natural they are.

The Issue With Your Current Products

Many Americans don’t realize that their skincare regimen isn’t working, or they simply don’t know what to buy.

“It’s easy to be both drawn to and overwhelmed by the endless, glittering department store displays,” Madikians said. “In reality, your skin needs to be cleaned and for oils to be replenished. Perhaps being lured by the siren song of a miracle cure is the biggest (or most expensive) mistake we can make.”

One ingredient, in particular, is harmful to both your skin and the environment: microbeads. Microbeads, which are manufactured plastic solid particles used in a number of face washes and body scrubs, can devastate the environment and clog your pores…with plastic.

“There are many natural alternatives to microbeads — which enter water systems and are especially hard on marine life,” Madikians said. “In our own products, we use broccoli seeds and poppy seeds to give the same beneficial exfoliation.”


Why Go Organic?

“What’s good for the world around us — air quality, water quality, etc. — is good for our skin,” Madikians said, encouraging organic skincare to be a part of everyone’s skincare regimen. The Gaffer&Child website encourages you to find products that you would have no problem ingesting, which sounds ridiculous, but your skin is one of the most absorbent organs of the body. It brings new meaning to the saying “we are what we eat.” The Gaffer&Child line includes small-batch products that leave a minimal carbon footprint and that won’t harm your body.

How To Know An Organic Product Is Working For You

Are you looking to buy organic skincare, but don’t know where to start? Madikians said that knowing what works can take time.

“The standard recommendation is to try a product for 30 days to fully understand how it works with an individual’s skin type. Just like any other body part, the skin takes time to adjust to a new routine,” Madikians said. “To further complicate matters, what one’s skin needs can change with the seasons and age.”

It’s a good idea to ask for a consultation at a store that carries organic skincare. Explaining your skin type and the issues you face to a professional should help you narrow down your options.

Ultimately, you want something that works for your skin, is healthy for your body and is good for the environment. Madikians said that is his number one priority.

“We are, to borrow a line from Ghandi, trying to be the change we’d like to see in the world. A huge advancement in skincare would be a greater attention to sustainability,” Madikians said. “But that revolution is in the customer’s hands.”