Your DNA Can Tell You Which Skincare Products You Should Be Using

targeted skin

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Your DNA can tell you lots of things about you. It can reveal wild details about your ancestry, clue you into health issues you’re predisposed to and suggest the optimal nutrition for your body. And now, it can even help you identify the best skincare ingredients and products to keep the largest organ in (or rather, on) your body healthy for the long haul.

Targeted Skin, a company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is helping people across the country simplify their skincare routines by way of DNA testing. In analyzing 15 skin-related genetic markers involving everything from how you look to how you age, they create customized skincare profiles for each of their customers so they know exactly which ingredients and products will benefit their bodies. They then pair them with the appropriate Target Skin products, from cleansers to eye serums and everything in between.

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The price of Targeted Skin’s DNA testing kit and report (usually $99 but currently on sale for $49) is on par with other genetics-based services out there like 23andMe. And the skincare products that they ultimately recommend aren’t exactly cheap — most fall between $40 and $65. But hey, we’ve all done a lot worse on a whim at Sephora on stuff we definitely didn’t need. Plus, there’s something to be said for using a product that is specifically tailored to give your skin what it needs, right?

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When it comes to skincare, plenty of us stare at the overwhelming aisle in the drugstore for about 30 minutes until we end up grabbing the bottles with the prettiest colors, the most effective marketing schemes or the brands we’ve watched our mothers use since we were children. Sometimes we luck out. Other times, we just throw our hard-earned dollars down the drain on skincare that isn’t doing a damn thing for us.

So maybe we’re better off investing up front and diagnosing our needs before we start that skincare shopping spree. It would certainly save us a lot of time and frustration. And who knows — we just might end up noticing significant differences in our skin, too.


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