Say Hello To The Avolato, Your New Favorite Ice Cream Creation

Avolato London


What are two things the world can’t seem to get enough of? Ice cream and avocados. London-based Snowflake Luxury Gelato — the gelateria that invented 24-karat gold leaf gelato with edible diamonds — brings you the Avolato. This frozen vegan creation is 60 percent Hass avocado and it comes inside of an avocado shell along with a tiny ball of beige nut butter ice cream, which is made to look like the pit.

The Avolato tastes exactly how you’d expect — like a frozen avocado. While the gelato doesn’t contain any dairy or egg, it still manages to have a fairly creamy consistency.

The avocado-like dessert comes with a bamboo spoon, which makes the whole treat biodegradable. The Avolato reminds us of trends like the avocado latte and produce lattes. Will we ever get tired of avocado-inspired foods? The world may never know. Either way, we’d love to get our hands on the Avolato.

The dairy-free gelato will run you £9.50 ($13) per serving.


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