The Final Season Of ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ Will Air This Month

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown final episodes


The groundbreaking CNN series “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” will come to its eagerly anticipated end with a five-episode run and two specials, starting September 23. The culinary-minded storytelling icon taught us how to connect with people through food, all through raw optimism and an opened-minded thirst for diving into uncharted territory, and we expect no less from the next and last episodes of the show.

Since the devastating passing of Bourdain this past June, fans of the travel series wondered what the end of the show would look like since his death happened in the midst of production. The seven final episodes will feature Bourdain exploring Kenya; Asturias, Spain; Indonesia; West Texas and the Lower East Side, in addition to two untitled specials. It’s fitting that the series would conclude right in Bourdain’s birthplace of New York City.

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown final episodes

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In addition to the final episodes, it looks like “Parts Unknown” will be leaving Netflix at the beginning of October, so get in your binging while you can. Anthony Bourdain taught us to travel with compassion and to eat with an open heart and a constant curiosity. This series will go down as one of the most influential pieces of journalism for generations to come.


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