Gals, If You Want To Get The Best Sleep Ever, Snuggle Up With Your Pup

women dog sleep study

Unsplash/Josh Hild

When it comes to letting your fluffy BFF share your bed with you at night, there’s a lot of conflicting advice from various experts floating around the internet. But according to a new study published in the Journal of the International Society of Anthrozoology, if you’re a woman with a dog for a pet, snuggling up with your pup can actually increase the quality of your sleep.

The study surveyed more than 1,000 women in the United States to explore the impact that bed sharing with pets has on one’s sleep. After tallying the responses, the researchers said that 55 percent of participating women share their bed with at least one dog, and those women reported stronger feelings of comfort and security, thanks to their bedmate(s). They also tended to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier than cat owners (31 percent of the survey participants).

The survey accounted for human sleep companions as well. A solid 57 percent of respondents said they share their bed with a human partner, and those women, along with the cat owners in the bunch, experienced more disrupted sleep on average than the women who cuddle up with pups at night. (Apparently, most doggos move and snore a lot less throughout the night.)

women dog sleep study


The study is limited in that it’s based predominantly on self-reported survey results, and the sample doesn’t reveal any attempt at demographic or socioeconomic diversity. We also don’t get an initial understanding of any preexisting sleep disorder conditions some of the participants may experience.

All we know is that dogs are cute as hell and we now feel that much better about letting ours play small spoon tonight. Come on in, Fido. Time to snuggle!

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