4 Wine Ice Creams Around The World You Absolutely Have To Try

wine ice cream around the world

Swirled/Libby Ryan

Our two favorite vices, wine and ice cream, combine to make epic treats in many amazing global ice cream shops. So raise the bar on your dessert goals and try one of these ice cream and wine blends around the world.

1. Wine Ice Cream — Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream, New York, U.S.

Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream is a phenomenon in the United States. It comes in a pint or freshly scooped in the New York location. Flavors include Peach White Zinfandel, Chocolate Cabernet, Cherry Merlot, Red Raspberry Chardonnay and Reisling.

2. Italian Zabaione Gelato — Gelateria del Teatro, Rome, Italy

Zabione is a traditional Italian gelato flavor made from Marsala wine. The version from Gelateria del Teatro combines it with another sweet dessert wine, so it ends up being a sweet, creamy vino concoction.

3. Georgian Khvanchkara Wine Ice Cream — Ice ‘N Rolls, Tbilisi, Georgia

You can get the hipster version of this regional wine ice cream at Thai-style Ice ‘N Rolls, frozen into little spirals of ice cream. Or you can climb to the top of Tbilisi’s Narikala Fortress and find the little street vendors selling simple cones of soft serve along with a view.

4. Singaporean Wine Ice Cream — Udders, Singapore

This Singaporean artisan ice cream shop makes a flavor called Wineberries. It’s cranberries soaked in port wine, in a port ice cream. So it’s pretty pink and nice and fruity.


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