Take A Deep Dive Into Your Favorite Dessert At The Museum Of Ice Cream

Put together by “a collective of ice cream obsessed designers, artists, and friends,” the summer-long Museum of Ice Cream pop-up in the Meatpacking District is a celebration of everything and anything ice cream-related. The museum is open now through August 31.


Instagram / @collinsnai

What’s inside? A pool of rainbow sprinkles you can “swim” through, an immersive room that’s all about chocolate, edible balloons, and supplies for a giant, collaborative ice cream sundae.


Museum of Ice Cream

The makers of the museum want you to know that no, this isn’t a figment of your Willy Wonka imagination — because this is real life. There’s even a Tinder-inspired app that will match you to the right flavor.


Museum of Ice Cream

A special ice cream tasting will be led by mad food scientist Dr. Irwin Adam, and of course, your ticket includes the Scoop of the Week, provided by New York CIty’s most esteemed ice cream experts like OddFellows, McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams, and Black Tap.

Admission is $18 for one adult, $30 for two adults, and $12 for senior citizens and children under 10.


Museum of Ice Cream