This Man’s Love Of LEGOs Inspired Him To Open A Restaurant

A diehard LEGO fan in the Philippines loves the building blocks so much that he recently opened a full-fledged restaurant in their honor.



In 2016, Jergs Correa opened Brick Burger in Pasig, Philippines, as a way to celebrate “building toy blocks, passion with food, and extreme creativity.”


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Each burger uses Australian beef patties and fresh vegetables, and is topped with a LEGO-shaped burger bun. Currently, Brick Burger has a menu of 10 burgers — with names like Wild Style, Darth Burger, and Lord Business— as well as hot dogs, chicken wings, pasta, sides, drinks, and desserts.


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Occasionally, Brick Burger hosts eating challenges where customers compete to win LEGO sets, with prizes dependent on the time it takes to eat a full burger.


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