7 Of The Most Ridiculous Credit Cards Of All Time


When used properly, credit cards can be the best financial resource you have. But we have to admit that there are (or were) some weirdo credit cards out there. We’re not judging — we’re kind of judging — if you bought into one of these programs, but even credit card fanatics would probably call these seven cards truly ridiculous. Though much of the plastic no longer exists (there’s probably a reason they didn’t do so well 🤷‍♀️), let’s take a tour of the absolute strangest credit cards of all time.

1. World of Warcraft Visa Card — No longer available

Though this card is no longer available (we can’t imagine why…), you could actually get a Visa that gave you points toward one ultimate goal: to fund more World of Warcraft purchases. In case you aren’t familiar with World of Warcraft, it’s a now-fairly-outdated online game in which people paid actual dollars to unlock features. Yeah, that card is dead AF.

2. Starbucks Rewards™ Visa® Card — Still available

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We’re not gonna lie — we could totally see some of our friends and family buying into this card, but let’s be real, it is a little ridiculous. The program looks like the Starbucks Rewards membership, only with a card. Essentially, you earn “stars” on purchases that you can use toward, yep, your daily Starbucks fix.

3. NASA Credit Card — Still available

We had to include this card simply because, well, it’s NASA. No, you can’t use this card in space or redeem your points for the occasional trip around the moon. As it happens, it’s just a regular ol’ credit card that you can receive if you become a part of the NASA Federal Credit Union.

4. Hello Kitty Visa Platinum Card — Still available

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Yep, there’s even a card out there for Hello Kitty lovers, and yes, you can totally get one right now. The Visa card is available in a number of customized Hello Kitty designs, which can solidify your commitment to the brand. Even crazier: for every 5,000 points cardholders earn, they receive a $50 discount that can be used on Hello Kitty’s parent website, Sanrio.com.

5. 7-Eleven® Universal Fleet Card — Still available

You have to love 7-Eleven a whole hell of a lot to get this card, but we kind of get it if you’re constantly on the road and somehow always find a 7-Eleven for filling up. The card offers up to seven cents cash back per gallon of fuel you buy, so you’ve clearly got to have a car to be interested in this baby. Hey travelers, knock yourself out.

6. The International Brotherhood of Magicians Credit Card — No longer available

Magicians like to make stuff disappear, but that’s probably not what the International Brotherhood of Magicians hoped for when its sponsored credit disappeared. You can no longer apply for the plastic, but let’s not forget that such a card existed. It allowed its users to earn points toward brand-name magic equipment and events. What lives these former card members must have led.

7. Kentucky Derby Credit Card — No longer available

So, Bank of America’s board must’ve gotten together and said “Hmmm, yes, let’s create a credit card specifically for our members who are so obsessed with the Kentucky Derby that they’d use it to redeem points during a single weekend every year!” No, guys, this actually happened. This card allowed its members to earn points that they could exchange for equestrian merchandise and gambling credits during the big-hat horse weekend. It’s no longer available, for obvious reasons.