Starbucks Launched Its Own Credit Card For All You Coffee Nuts


Caffeine addicts, it’s time to rev up for some serious news. Starbucks announced the launch of its own credit card: the Starbucks Rewards™ Visa® Card. Yep, it’s a credit card that you can use anywhere you want, earn points (called “stars”) and dump those star rewards right back into your coffee addiction.

The card sounds like it’s tailor-made for those people who ask for Starbucks gift cards for every birthday and holiday. That said, there are some deets you should know about what the card actually does and the rewards (and fees) you’ll have if you sign up.

Know the basics of opening a credit card like this one, including the rewards you could reap. With the Starbucks card, you earn three stars for every $1 you spend at Starbucks and one star for every $4 you spend elsewhere. If you spend $500 in the first three months, you get 2,500 stars, which is roughly equivalent to 20 drinks or treats at the coffee chain. (And they don’t expire!) So, for every 125 stars you earn, you can get a free drink or food item at Starbucks.

Signing up for the card automatically enrolls you in the Starbucks Rewards membership program, which can include free drinks and treats throughout the year. And, you receive eight “Barista Picks,” which are free treats, over the same period.

The annual fee to have the card is $49, but if you are one of those people who gets coffee every day, you may feel that justifies it.

The plastic definitely piques our interest, but we’ll be the first to tell you to look into other credit card options before jumping on this one.  We won’t judge you either way — get your drink on.