Got Multiple Weddings This Year? Here’s How Not To Break The Bank


Got a lot of friends getting married this year? You’re probably cheering them on, liking every one of their engagement photos and gushing about color schemes. But have you thought about how much money you’re gonna spend this year going to weddings? Weddings can cost  hundreds to just attend, and even more if you’re in themYes, let that set in. Now, calm yourself back down, because we have some solutions for you. Here are a few tips on how to come up with a kickass wedding budget plan.

1. Know where you stand.


How close are you to the people who are getting married? Are you just a guest, or are you in the wedding? Answering these questions will help you understand exactly what you’ll be paying for. If you’re just a guest, you’re likely just looking at costs for transportation, lodging (if you need it), a gift, your day-of outfit and any extra trips you plan to include, like for the engagement party, bridal shower, etc.

But if you’re in the wedding, we can guarantee you will be spending more. Depending on your place in the bridal shower (i.e. are you the maid of honor or a bridesmaid?), you could be in charge of footing a hefty portion of the bachelor/bachelorette costs, as well as spending money on get-togethers and favors.

2. Assess your current financial situation.

How are your finances? If you are living paycheck-to-paycheck, you’re definitely going to have a tougher time managing the situation than your friend with the cushy savings account. Take some time to understand your own spending patterns by checking your statements daily or downloading a budgeting app. Knowing how you spend will help you realize what extra purchases you can cut out temporarily to cover the expenses of wedding season.

3. Say goodbye to Netflix for a few months.

Snip, snip! Once you assess your funds and come up with a budget, it’s time to cut out some of the extra baggage that’s not actually helping you live, like bi-weekly pedicures and three-times-a-week Seamless orders. By cutting out some repeated miscellaneous purchases, you’ll be able to save a little bit each week without making any serious effort.

4. Divide and conquer.

The next step to your budget plan is to figure out exactly how much money you’re willing to spend on each. Depending on your relationship to the newly-engaged and the events you plan to attend (just the wedding or the bridal shower and bachelorette, too?), put together a total amount to budget for each event and estimate the cost of each part of the wedding — even down to the dress or outfit purchase.

If you’re within a year of your weddings, live as though you already splurged on the transportation, gift and other factors you have to consider for each wedding. It’ll feel painful at first, since you’re acting like you shelled out hundreds of dollars for something that hasn’t even happened yet, but starting as soon as you get the invitations will help you feel like you’re not drowning by the time the weddings come around.

5. Know quick tips for cutting costs even more.


  • Make a meaningful wedding gift instead of buying one.
  • Opt out of the extra events, like the bachelorette and bridal shower, if you can.
  • If you’re in the wedding party, help plan the events. That way, you can potentially influence how expensive they will be.
  • Be prepared to say no to the weddings that you prioritize less and that you cannot afford.

Attending a wedding is a lot more work than just smiling lovingly at the engaged couple as they walk down the aisle — it’s expensive AF. Know how you’re going to financially tackle the responsibilities before you say yes, and sometimes you might not be able to say yes. That’s okay. Just plan before you say “I do” to attending.