5 Secrets To Balancing Unplugging And Sharing Your Best Travel Life Online

Unplugging On Vacation

Unsplash/Ken Treloar

When you’re traveling, you want your Instagram story to be on fire. But it’s also the best chance you’ve got for a bit of a digital detox. So how do you balance the desire to unplug and show off your best travel shots? We have a couple of ideas. Test these out on your next trip to keep up with the Insta game and get a break from your constant tech obsession at the same time.

1. Keep your phone on airplane mode.

Take away the temptation to be posting and texting by putting your phone on airplane mode. It also saves battery if your phone isn’t trying to connect to the internet to get constant updates.

2. Put it away at meal time.

Once you take a photo of your food, put that phone away. You don’t need it while you’re dining with your travel buddies and enjoying the local cuisine. Engage all your senses when you’re eating — you’ll be happy for the detailed memories.

3. Take tons of photos but edit later.

We support taking a million and one photos when traveling. However, wait to edit them until you’re back at your hotel room. You can skip messing with filters until it’s time to post.

unplugging on vacation


4. Create a story all at once.

Your phone battery, travel friends and memory won’t thank you if you spend all day updating your Instagram story. Instead, take a bunch of photos, videos and Boomerangs throughout the day and upload a killer story all at once.

5. Post and walk away.

After you post your Snapchat story or Instagram photo, turn over your phone so you can’t see the likes pouring in. Even better, put that thing back on airplane mode and continue exploring.


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