3 Key Home Remedies To Combat The Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

under eye dark spots

Unsplash/Sarah Gray

Dark circles and under-eye bags are a pain. For some people, dark circles and under-eye bags are hereditary, while for others it might be a combination of environmental factors. The area under your eyes is delicate skin, which makes it an easy area to display any internal issues that may be going on in your body. Blood vessel congestion is a common cause for dark circles, which can result from allergies, lack of sleep, sun exposure, stress or diet. Here are three under-eye mask recipes that’ll help to lighten up the area.

1. Rose Water And Cold Milk

When it comes to lightening up dark circles, rose water should be in your cabinet. Rose water has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties that can help reduce dark circles caused by environmental factors like allergies or pollution. Cold milk contains proteins, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants that can strengthen your skin and potentially eliminate dark circles. Dip a cotton ball into a mixture of rose water and milk, with a one-to-one ratio, and let it sit under your eyes for about a half hour before rinsing.

under eye dark spots

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2. Almond Oil And Honey

Get your hands on almond oil to help lighten the under-eye area. Almond oil is a natural bleaching agent and can help to reduce the pigmentation under your eyes. You could massage almond oil, on its own, around your eyes before you go to sleep or mix it with an equal portion of honey for a thicker mask.

If you blend about one-half teaspoon of honey with a one-half teaspoon of almond oil, you’ll have a homemade eye mask that you can keep right next to your bed. Repeat this every night for the best results. You might end up saving some money on concealer or under-eye makeup if you’re consistent enough with it.

3. Potatoes

It might sound kinda silly, but if you don’t want to spend money on essential oils or creams, potatoes are a great source of vitamin C for your skin. Chill a potato in the fridge before you do anything. For the easiest method, slice up a potato and let the slices sit over your closed eyes for a half hour.

You can also grate the potato with a cheese grater (just like you’re making potato pancakes) and apply the resulting raw potato juice with cotton balls. Let that sit for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.

under eye dark spots

Unsplash/Soroush Karimi

If you want to get fancy, blend up one potato with a teaspoon of raw honey and two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil or almond oil. Let the mixture sit under your eyes for a half hour before rinsing off with warm water.

In addition to these home remedies for your skincare routine, try to incorporate some stress-relieving activities like yoga and meditation. You could also try to eliminate some salty foods from your diet since sodium-rich foods can lead to dark circles.


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