You Can Now Pay For Uber And Uber Eats With Venmo

uber pay with venmo


“I’ll just Venmo you” is already a phrase you probably use on the reg when splitting the check with friends, and it’s about to get even more common.

Two of our favorite apps are coming together in perfect harmony: Uber and Venmo announced today that they’ll be teaming up to allow users to connect the two apps for easier payments. And it’s not just for those late rides home, but for the Uber Eats you order on weekends, too.

According to the companies, more than 6 million payments on the Venmo app mentioned “Uber” in the description over the last year, so the partnership seemed like a perfect fit.

venmo and uber partnership


The option to pay for your Uber ride or Uber Eats order with Venmo won’t be available for a few weeks, but we’re pretty excited. Users have the option to pay with their Venmo balance, a linked bank account, credit or debit card, and can split the cost of the ride or food order with others easily in the Venmo app, all free of charge. Plus, the partnership comes with exclusive emojis that can be used in Venmo feeds.

Venmo also announced in June that it is coming out with a new debit card. The card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, and the purchases will show up in Venmo feeds, making it even easier for users to split the cost with friends right in the app. The card is currently in limited release, but Venmo super fans can reserve a spot today.

What will they think of next? It seems like the only thing left to do is figure out whether we’re going out or staying in. Either way, I’ll just Venmo you.


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