These Are The Best Money Transfer Apps For Travel


At home in the U.S, it’s fair game to pull the old “I’ll just Venmo you” when you’re faced with the bill for an indulgent meal. But if your wallet is empty after a night out on the town abroad, you might be straight outta luck.

Our favorite digital money sending methods haven’t quite reached our favorite international cities. We’ve broken down the fine print on five popular money transfer apps. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Facebook Messenger

In Messenger, you can now hit a little “$” button and send money to your friends.

Download It: For the ease of sending cash to Facebook friends you probably already message.

Skip It: If you want to send money to non-residents of the U.S.

2. Google Wallet

U.S. and U.K. residents can use Google Wallet, but you can’t transfer money between the two countries.

Download It: For big transactions. The app can send up to $10,000 at once.

Skip It: If you’re going international or you need a quick transaction, this isn’t the answer. Google Wallet takes three days for debit, but up to 10 days for bank transfers.

3. PayPal

The oldest player in the game, PayPal is available just about everywhere. Although, there are fees for sending or receiving in different currencies.

Download It: For international transfers. 

Skip It: If you need your money fast. PayPal takes 3 to 4 days to process.

4. Venmo

The millennial money-sending standby only works if you’re physically in the U.S.

Download It: To send cute/obnoxious emoji messages to the people you’re paying with the app.

Skip It: If you need to send a different currency than $USD or want to send cash to a foreign friend, pick a different option.

5. Square Cash

Square Cash is very much like Venmo, minus the emojis.

Download It: You can send money to anyone in the country, whether or not they have any money sending accounts.

Skip It: If you’re traveling outside the U.S., this is a no-go.

The bottom line? You might be better off going low-tech for international ventures and sticking with cold, hard cash. Or you can keep tabs and bill your travel buddies via your go-to app when you get home.