The TSA App Is The Easiest Travel Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed


The days of wondering how long the line is at airport security are over, thanks to the TSA’s app – which you should absolutely download for your next trip.

The MyTSA app has a couple different methods so you can know exactly what kind of mess you’re walking into, and plan your airport arrival time accordingly. You can check your airport’s average wait and even get the average for your specific departure city on a specific day.

Even better? You can get live updates reported from travelers already in the dreaded security line. They’ll tell you how long they waited in line and you can have a better handle on how early you’ll want to leave home (and how many podcasts to download for the wait).

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And, you should return the favor. Once you arrive at the airport and make it through security, you should log your wait time to help ease other travelers’ airport experiences.

Got any lingering questions over what can go in your carry-on? You can also request TSA assistance straight from the app. You don’t have to worry about that souvenir jam being confiscated in just a moment’s notice. Instead, you can chat with a helper on the app and triple check the rules.

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