These Podcasts Will Entertain Any Personality On Long Travel Days


Say farewell to boring travel days on buses, planes and trains. If you can’t have a sing-along in your own private car, you might as well download some stellar podcasts for your ride via public transportation. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites with different preferences in mind. (We all like to geek out about different stuff, right?)

And just because we know your journey is probably longer than one standard 45-minute episode, we’ve included two pods for every personality type. So find a good WiFi connection and pack those earbuds — you’ve got some listening to do.

For The Career-Driven

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Girlboss RadioNasty Gal founder and author of “Girlboss” Sophia Amoruso interviews fellow women breaking boundaries in business.

  • Start with “Gretchen Carlson” or “Roxanne Gay.”

StartupNot only does Startup tell the tales of creative entrepreneurs chasing their dreams, but it’s also co-hosted by the always on-point lady boss Lisa Chow.

  • Start with “Friendster” (season 5, episode 3) or “Origin Story” (season 2, episode 1).

For Your Morbid Streak

My Favorite MurderTrue crime lovers will adore the chance to fully embrace their morbid fascination with murder with the two hilarious hosts.

  • Start with “Chill Satanist” (episode 73).

Sword and ScaleThis is not a light take into the dark world of true crime. It’s a well-researched and terrifying explainer of conspiracies and crimes alike.

  • Start with “Episode 86” (about the Heaven’s Gate cult).

For The Pop Culture Junkie

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You Must Remember ThisThis narrative podcast tells Old Hollywood stories that will break your heart and have you on the edge of your seat. Cliché, yet true.

  • Start with “Carole Lombard and Clark Gable” (Star Wars series, episode 2) or the “Charles Manson’s Hollywood” series.

Anna Faris Is UnqualifiedYes, she’s a major celeb, but that’s really not the focus of the pod. It’s just Anna having heartfelt chats with her friends and complete strangers.

  • Start with “Chris Evans and Jenny Slate” (episode 17).

For Your Funny Bone

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2 Dope Queens: Jessica William and Phoebe Robinson are the funniest thing to happen to your commute ever — end of story.

  • Start with “A Jon Hamm Sandwich” or literally any episode.

My Dad Wrote A PornoThis podcast is exactly as brilliantly weird as it sounds. The host reads the dirty book authored by his father out loud.

  • Start with “The Job Interview” (season 1, episode 1).

For The Science Nerd

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InvisibiliaThis NPR podcast addresses the invisible forces behind human behavior, like beliefs, emotions and mental health.

  • Start with “How to Become Batman.”

Science VsAdorably geeky and pun-filled, Science Vs. uses peer-reviewed scientific studies to myth-bust popular debates around health and cultural norms.

  • Start with “Antidepressants” or “Hypnosis.”

For The History Buff

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UncivilTackling the myths and covered up truths surrounding the Civil War, Uncivil will educate you on aspects of American history you didn’t know you didn’t know.

  • Start with “The Raid.”

Revisionist HistoryMalcolm Gladwell addresses the root causes of inequality and problematic cultural institutions — and he digs deep.

  • Start with “McDonald’s Broke My Heart” or “A Good Walk Spoiled.”

For The Foodies

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The SporkfulThe motto says this pod is not for foodies but eaters and the spirit comes through. These episodes are for people who really love everything about food.

  • Start with “May Contain Nuts” (Part 1) or the “Other People’s Food” series.

GastropodIt’s investigative food journalism. The two hosts dig into all sort of niche foods and the why’s behind food behavior.

  • Start with “Kombucha Culture.”