3 Types Of Valuables You Should Never Take When Traveling

traveling with valuables

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Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. You know the old adage. But we think it could use a little amendment because you want to return home with all of the important belongings you brought in your suitcase — in addition to the memories and photos. When you’re putting together your packing list for your next trip, leave these valuables at home.

Irreplaceable Jewelry

The priceless ring your grandmother brought over from the old country should stay at home. Anything irreplaceable should be left in a safe place.

Birth Certificates

Unless there’s a legit reason why you need to bring your birth certificate or social security card on your travels (such as for applying for visas or citizenship in another country), leave important documents at home. It’s enough to bring your passport, driver’s license and maybe your student I.D. to cash in on student discounts.

traveling with valuables


Tons of Tech

Trust us, there’s no need to have every piece of technology you own on vacation. You don’t need the digital camera and Apple Watch plus your iPad, your laptop and your phone. A good rule of thumb is to bring one piece of technology for every task. You don’t need the tablet and the laptop. Plus, gadgets take up a lot of precious packing space, and then there are the chargers to factor into the equation.

Important note: If you do decide to bring valuables with you on your trip, keep in mind:

  • Always pack your valuables in your carry-on. You never want to think about checked bags getting lost, but it happens.
  • Don’t be flashy. Pickpockets love tourists. You’re an easy mark if you’re wandering around holding an iPhone, tablet and DSLR. Cool it on the tech and keep the stuff you’re not using packed away.
  • It’s worth looking into travel insurance if you’re bringing a lot of valuables along on your travels. That way if the worst happens, you’re covered.


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