5 Cheap Ways You Can Travel The World

Unsplash/Benjamin Voros

It’s insanely difficult to pay for a trip, unless you save like a total rockstar. (In which case, good for you.) But there are ways to experience an incredible vacation without spending all the dollars. Just follow these five tips to keep your expenses as low as possible.

1. Consult Google Flights, always.

Google Flights is an incredible resource for comparing prices on flights as it aggregates the best deals across the web. You enter your origin and destination cities and look to the calendar feature for the best deals, which are highlighted in green. That way, you don’t have to blindly choose dates and hope you get the best airfare price.

2. Look beyond Airbnb for lodging.

Airbnb can be amazing, but Agoda is another awesome option to book lodging. It compares hostel prices so you don’t have to go to multiple sites. You have everything you need to make a decision on one screen. If you want to go the unconventional route, you can rent vacant dorm rooms for a super cheap price.

3. Avoid regional flights whenever possible.

If you’re in Europe and looking to hit multiple destinations, the cheapest way to get from A to B is by bus. Megabus is as good overseas as it is in the U.S., so give it a try. You can find cheap rental cars, or you can even share rides with other travelers going to the same place. Or, consider taking the train.

4. Don’t be picky about location if you’re truly tight on cash.

If you have the travel bug, but don’t necessarily have the cash to get to your desired destination, leave your options open. Keep your eyes peeled for news on cheap destinations (pssst… Thailand is very cheap and cool!), and you may actually be happy you broadened your search. You could score a steal at what becomes your new favorite vacation spot.

5. Apply for one of these incredible travel jobs.

Yep, you can actually be paid to travel. These jobs range from house sitting to working remotely for your current company, while moving from country to country. Hey, if you’re a true traveler at heart, this could be a great option for you.