Here Are 8 Jobs That Will Pay You To Travel The World


Travel fiends, this one’s for you. Have you ever wanted to quit your job and move abroad? Yeah, us too. Lucky for you, there are travel jobs out there that will pay your bills and provide you with an incredible experience. Here are five of the coolest travel jobs that will let you live out your dreams.

1. International Petsitting

Yep, you can pay for your international travels by dog walking while you’re abroad. Trusted Housesitters is a site for people interested in pet sitting and pet owners who travel frequently and need access to trustworthy people to care for their animals. Pet owners pay $100 a year to join and pet sitters can work for as many people as their hearts desire. They also get their cut of the cash. Bonus: the site also facilitates house-sitting opportunities. So the more pets and homes you care for, the higher your certification goes…and the more you’re paid.

2. Teaching English Abroad

From in-person tutoring to teaching in school classrooms to even using all-digital apps, there are many ways to teach English abroad — and all of them will pay you to help others who want to learn the language. However, bear in mind that you should only teach English abroad if you’re certified and educated on how to be a teacher. Just because you speak it doesn’t necessarily mean you can teach it…

3. International Drinking

Have you ever wanted to see the world with a glass of wine (or a beer) in your hand? There are a handful of fellowships run by beer and wine companies all over the world that tap a few lucky winners to travel and represent their brands. Union Wine Co. has an annual “Canbassador” position, which entails traveling nationwide and drinking the company’s wine. Of course, the job requires you to post your adventures on social media. Make the most of the next application period.

4. Traveling Nurse

Everyone knows flight attendants get to jet around the world for their jobs, but those with a nursing degree can follow that path as well. Traveling nurses receive assignments somewhere around the world and relocate temporarily to those locations. It’s not easy work, but the benefits include time off in between assignments in interesting locations worldwide.

5. Reviewing Multi-Million Dollar Homes Around The World

Anyone looking for a more luxe lifestyle? This job is for you. ThirdHome offers a mansion-reviewing position to one lucky person who is social media savvy and loves all the fine things in life. That person gets paid $10,000 annually, plus travel expenses, to stay in homes and post about them on social media. Um, sign us up.

6. Working On A Cruise Ship Or Yacht

If you’re dreaming of a life at sea, apply to a gig on a cruise ship. Since the ships are essentially little communities of their own, they need all sorts of folks, from waiters to performers to photographers. You might start out on a California cruise but, with some luck, end up staffed on a world-rounding route ASAP. Get those sea legs ready.

7. Pretending You’re An Elf In Finland

We aren’t kidding. You can work with Finland Post, Finland’s largest employer, by moving to the Arctic Circle in the summer or in the winter months to become an “elf” in Lapland’s Santa Claus Village. As an elf, you’re tasked with opening and responding to the 500,000 letters children around the world address to Santa Claus. It’s important you’re fluent in a handful of languages. And according to the site, being kind to people is a requirement. Any nice multilingual people out there? This job is for you.

8. Keeping Your Job While Traveling All Over The World

This job is perfect for anyone who’s obsessed with their work, but still wants to see the world. Totally reasonable! RemoteYear is a program that enables employed professionals to travel the globe with likeminded peers while working at their current job remotely. If you’re not sure that your company would get on board, RemoteYear helps to persuade your employer that it’s a worthy experience.

Travel the world without having to compromise your career. There are opportunities to make it happen — all you need to do is keep your eyes peeled.


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