Trader Joe’s Plans To Roll Out Dairy-Free Thai Tea Mochi And We’re Here For It

Trader Joe's Thai Tea mochi


Thai tea is a simple masterpiece on its own. The Thai-style drink is made from strongly brewed Thai black tea leaves, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, sugar and ice. It’s sweet and creamy and it’ll mellow out any spicy foods you’re eating. And now, Trader Joe’s is rolling out Thai Tea mochi this month, and we’re so ready for it.

Thanks to the Instagram account @TraderJoesList, we know the Thai tea-flavored snack will have a thin sheet of mochi — a Japanese glutinous rice paste that’s formed into various shapes — wrapped around a bite-sized piece of coconut-based Thai tea ice cream. Since the ice cream filling is dairy-free, anyone with a lactose intolerance or a vegan lifestyle can enjoy the bite-sized snack, too.

Each box comes with 15 mochi. You can expect to see Thai tea mochi in Trader Joe’s nationwide this August. So if you’re a fan of the chewy and creamy Japanese dessert, keep an eye out for this dairy-free version. We know we’ll have our eyes peeled.


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