Trader Joe’s New Doggie Advent Calendar Has A Lot Of Tails Wagging

trader joe’s dog advent calendar

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Trader Joe’s is rolling out a new advent calendar this holiday season, but it’s not meant for you — it’s made for your furry best friend. Trader Joe’s advent calendar for dogs has officially hit TJ’s stores and it’s just as adorable as one could imagine.

The calendar includes 24 days of special treats,  all made for your pup. We’re not talking about boring ol’ dog treats, these ones are made with smoked salmon and sweet potato (two foods that’ll keep your pup’s coat shiny and her digestive system running in tip-top shape, according to the American Kennel Club). What’s more, the salmon in these treats is the fancy kind, coming from the “cold waters of northern Scotland” and raised without antibiotics, according to the calendar’s nutritional information.


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Consumers first learned that TJ’s would be rolling out this pooch calendar and other seasonal goodies in the second season of the grocer’s podcast, Inside Trader Joe’s. In the podcast, TJ employees dish about 150 to 200 seasonal products that we can expect to see in the retailer’s shelves this holiday season. Other than an advent calendar for your dog, you can also look forward to enjoying Turkey and Stuffing Potato Chips, Riced Cauliflower Stuffing and Bûche de Noël Ice Cream, among many other items.

Although prices for Trader Joe’s advent calendar for dogs will likely vary depending on location, some Manhattan TJ’s stores are selling them for $5.99 a piece, according to Bustle. If you’re not into advent calendars, you can still treat your pooch to a bag of Trader Joe’s fancy Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Treats so he doesn’t feel left out. Either way, you’re definitely in for a lot of licks and tail-wagging this holiday season.

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