10 Ways To Make Your Christmas Day The Best Ever

tips for best Christmas ever


We don’t know about you, but we can hardly contain our excitement when we wake up on December 25. The day holds so much promise, from seeing how our loved ones react to the gifts we put so much thought and effort into to creating all of the decadent dishes in the kitchen. (Seriously, is there any day of the year that rivals Christmas?) But there’s a handful (or two) of little things you can do to make the most wonderful time of the year feel that much more magical. Here’s how we go about making Christmas Day our best day ever.

1. When you first wake up, move through some feel-good stretches in bed.

It’s tempting to bolt out of bed, check the window for signs of midnight snowfall and rush to the tree to see how excited the kiddos of your family are that Santa came, but give yourself a moment first. Give your physical body time to wake up alongside your mind by trying out these enlivening stretches you can do all from the comfort of your covers. You’ll feel that much better when you do sit up and slide those slippers on, and you’ll already be that much more in the present moment.

tips for best Christmas ever


2. Add a festive twist to your morning cup of coffee.

Regardless of whether you want to whip up some espresso in lieu of your standard drip coffee or try that eggnog coffee creamer instead of your usual splash of skim milk, do whatever your heart desires and don’t hold back. Today is the day to heighten all five of your senses, and both scent and taste can win in big ways if you make the right move here.

3. Gather with your family to enjoy your Christmas morning traditions.

Now that you’re feeling awake, limber, caffeinated and maybe even a little sugared up, make your way over to that beautiful tree and share this time with your family however you guys like to spend it. From opening presents to cracking jokes to watching the morning glow outside the window, soak up the beauty of each moment you get to share with your loved ones.

tips for best Christmas ever

Unsplash/Lindsay Moe

4. Whip up a quick and easy (yet oh-so-tasty) brunch for your crew.

Even if you need to make your way to your grandmother’s house for the “only Christmas meal that matters,” give yourself 30 minutes to fuel your body (and those of your crew) with the food it craves. If you’re a bunch who’s obsessed with French toast, grab that bread loaf. If everyone wants eggs, start cracking those babies into a simple-but-effective Christmas frittata. You’ll be very happy you took this time when no one in the car is cranky from low blood sugar on the way to the rest of the day’s festivities.

5. Take a moment alone to move through some deep breaths and acknowledge how your inner sense of gratitude feels.

Before the next big chunk of your plans begins, sit in a private, quiet space (be it your bedroom or on the side of the tub in your relative’s bathroom) and just take a couple of deep breaths. Enjoy a moment of mindfulness here, taking inventory of all of the different feelings and sensations coursing through your body on this frenetic day. And if you feel so inclined, let yourself smile a little bit while you’re at it.

tips for best Christmas ever


6. Get outside.

Instead of falling victim to that 2 p.m. energy slump, grab your scarf, coat and boots and get moving. If you’re lucky enough to have some fresh snow on the ground, invite your relatives to go out and play in it with you. If not, a little nature walk or stroll through the neighborhood will also do. As long as you get your blood pumping a little faster and breathe the fresh winter air into your lungs, you’re doing it right.

7. Lounge by the fireplace for a moment.

Time to warm up! Snag the best seat in the house and watch those fragrant logs smolder as you chat with your grandparents, ask your toddler cousin about his Christmas so far or sip on another fun cup of holiday-inspired coffee. Do whatever feels right to you in the moment.

tips for best Christmas ever


8. Call your best friend (or family member who couldn’t be there with you) just to tell them how much you love them.

Before dinner prep is in full swing, grab your phone for the only thing it’s really good for on a day like today: connecting with your loved ones who couldn’t physically be there with you. You don’t need to make hour-long phone calls — just snag your best friend’s undivided attention for a few minutes to wish them a happy holiday and let them know how much you care. We bet that effort will be one of the most touching things they experience all day, and it’ll make you feel pretty darn good, too.

9. As you prepare the Christmas feast, ask your chef-like relative for some of their best kitchen-based advice.

Everyone has the aunt that makes the absolute best pie or the grandpa whose roast rivals all others. So instead of waiting to chow down and moan about how amazing dinner tastes, engage with them during the preparation process and learn a little bit about how it’s done. Who knows — they might pass their secret recipe down to you one day…

tips for best Christmas ever

Unsplash/Kelsey Chance

10. At the dinner table, ask everyone to share their favorite holiday memory.

Once everyone has eaten their fair share of festive foods and just before that moment arrives when everyone naturally starts clearing off the table, grab the group’s attention as if you’re about to give a toast and ask that each person share with the group one of their favorite Christmas memories, be it from this year or decades ago. Kick things off yourself with your own reminiscence and then see where each person’s contribution takes the dinner conversation. We have a feeling it’ll be a major moment of nostalgia that you’ll be happy to remember.

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