Newsletter 8/10/18: Three Words: Blueberry Pie Bars😍

Three words: Blueberry. Pie. Bars.

Avery Cooks

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Weekend Edition

1. Life Hack: Pancake Edition

Put pancake batter in a cleaned, empty ketchup bottle for easy pouring.

2. Workout of the Week: Full-Body Squats

All you need is a resistance band and yourself to get a total body burn. Just add tension between your feet with the band, crisscross the free ends in front of your legs, loop them around your forearms crossed in front of your chest and squat. Hellooo, sweat! [Swirled]

3. What to Watch
: “Chef’s Table

If you love food, you need to be watching “Chef’s Table.” The series follows a number of world-renowned chefs as they show the world what inspired them to cook and create culinary art. Prepare to travel the globe and learn not only about these culinary geniuses, but also about the surrounding cultures that influence them. [Netflix]

4. What to Read: “Calypso” by David Sedaris

The latest collection of short stories from the oh-so-hilarious David Sedaris is his most personal yet, but that just makes them even more relatable and powerful. Take a deeper look inside his relationships and enjoy quite a few LOL moments along the way. [Amazon]

5. What to Listen To: “Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness”

In his bi-weekly podcast, Netflix’s “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness sits down with experts of different fields to talk about what makes him curious. From Middle Eastern politics to art history to even gender roles in the military, Van Ness breaks down any subject you could think of and asks the questions you normally wouldn’t ask, like, “Who was the Beyoncé of renaissance art?” and, “What makes a cult, a cult?” It’s the perfect mix of thought-provoking topics, personal insight and hilarious commentary by Van Ness. [Earwolf]

6. R&R: Essential Oil Hair Mask

For a relaxing and revitalizing night in, make an easy lavender essential oil hair mask. Just mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with a few drops of coconut oil and apply. [Swirled]

7. What to Eat: Blueberry Pie Bars

Take advantage of the American blueberry season (which runs until late September) by making fresh, delicious pie bars. In an hour or less, you’ll have a dessert that reminds you why summer is so sweet. [Avery Cooks]

8. What to Drink
: Orange Soju Mojito

Get acquainted with soju, a clear distilled Korean beverage that’s made from starches like rice, wheat, sweet potatoes and tapioca, by making a citrusy orange soju mojito. With some mint leaves, agave nectar, orange juice, soju and sparkling water, you’ve got a killer cocktail. [Swirled]

9. Dream Destination: Prometheus Cave, Georgia

If you know the Greek tale of Prometheus, you need to visit the Prometheus Cave in Georgia. Nearly a mile long with six chambers and a quarter-mile-long lake inside, you’ll “ooh” and “aah” over all the stalactites and stalagmites. You can even take a boat ride at the end of the tour.  [Swirled]

10. Wild Card: There’s An Entire Museum In Belgium Dedicated To French Fries

French fry lovers would be in heaven at Belgium’s Frietmuseum, which claims to be the first and only longstanding museum dedicated to pommes frites. You’ll learn a lot about French fry history (psst… fries became a thing in Belgium!) and have lots to snack on while you walk around. [Swirled]