Daily Fit 4/29/19: The Trick To Enjoying Your Workouts

the trick to enjoying your workouts

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Health Tip of The Day: Taking Your Workouts Outdoors Can Increase Your Motivation And Make Exercise More Enjoyable

What Science Says: Scientists have found that the benefits of a particular exercise may increase if you do it outdoors rather than in an indoor facility like the local gym. Interacting with nature can give you an extra mental boost, which may motivate you to exercise for longer and at a higher intensity, making your workouts more effective and enjoyable. In a study conducted by Austrian researchers it was found that after completing both workouts, the study’s participants evaluated a three-hour mountain hike as a lot less strenuous and more enjoyable than three hours spent walking on a treadmill at the same intensity, even though the hike elevated the participants’ heart rates more than the indoor workout.

Why It Matters: If you actually enjoy your workouts, it’s a lot more likely that you’ll stick to your exercise regimen even on days when you don’t feel like it — allowing you to reach your fitness goals that much faster. So if the thought of heading to the gym is making you cringe, consider taking your workout outdoors by going for a run, bike ride or scenic hike. [Swirled]

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— Alice Walker

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