Newsletter 6/9/18: The Perfect Shake Shack Order For You

The perfect Shake Shack order for you

Flickr/Angela N

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The Weekend Edition

1. Here’s What To Order At Shake Shack Based On Your Food Mood

2. This Former Editor Dropped Everything To Pursue Her Passion For Fitness

3. What Anthony Bourdain Taught Us About Exploring Culture Through Food

4. 11 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Cheetos

5. This Is What Happens If You Book Your Plane Ticket Under Your Nickname

6. 5 Fun Ways To Gamify Your Workout Routine

7. 7 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Watching ‘New Girl’

8. A Puppy Island Exists And You Can Go Right Now

9. This Is Why Exercise Can Make You Feel Like Crying Your Eyes Out

10. You Can Get Your Mojitos By The Gallon At This Miami Hot Spot

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