7 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Watching ‘New Girl’


The quirky FOX sitcom “New Girl” follows the upbeat, awkward and loveable Jessica Day (played by Zooey Deschanel) who moves in with three single guys after a rough breakup. There’s Nick, the witty underachiever, Winston, the competitive former athlete and cat lover, and Schmidt, the OCD, narcissistic, top-dog type who obsesses over his social standing and thinks he knows best about everyone’s lives.

This motley crew of thirty-somethings, along with Cece, Jess’s best friend, makes one dysfunctional family that navigates work and personal life crises with sarcasm, wittiness and inside jokes. The male-female roommate dynamic is hilariously relatable, making “New Girl” (no bias, of course) one of the best comedies out there. Here are seven life lessons we can all learn from watching this beloved sitcom.

1. Don’t put your dreams on the back burner.

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It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, but if there’s something we can learn from “New Girl,” it’s that you shouldn’t put your true aspirations on hold. It may take you a little while to realize what it is that you’re passionate about, but once you figure that out, you owe it yourself to chase after it. There’s no time like the present.

2. It’s clutch to have a bartender friend.

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Everyone needs that one friend that’ll hook them up with free drinks. When you live in a big city, budgeting is usually the death of you and having a friend that can pass you a few whiskey gingers over the counter fo free is magical. Choose your friends wisely, folks.

3. Find people who appreciate your weird side.

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For your own mental health, it’s important to have friends that let you be yourself without any judgment. The characters of “New Girl” are all kinds of quirky and they fully embrace each other for who they are. Find friends that appreciate your weird side and want to be ridiculous with you. You shouldn’t have to hide your wild side from anyone.

4. Approach your problems head-on.

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Yeah, sometimes it’s really easy to hibernate and avoid dealing with your problems, but more problems are just going to keep coming up when you do that. Whether it’s with your family, friends or coworkers, try not to let your problems snowball. It’s always better to be blunt and attack things head-on in the moment than to let things fester.

5. Don’t stress over people who suck.

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It’s a fact of life — some people are the actual worst. You can spend your time dwelling over those people or you can just admit that some people suck and move on without them. Life is short, and you don’t have time for that bullshit.

6. It’s okay to admit when you need help.

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As a generation that deeply values our independence, it’s hard for us to admit when we need a little help. But sometimes you just have to tell people when you need them. And their reactions just might surprise you.

7. Enjoy your successes.

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It’s easy to be critical of yourself, but it’s also good to celebrate when you’re proud of yourself. Life is all about the little victories. So the next time you impress yourself, go out and buy yourself something special because you deserve it.