You Can Get Your Mojitos By The Gallon At This Miami Hot Spot


Sometimes you just want to share a gallon of alcohol with a crew of your closest friends. And Kings Dining and Entertainment in Miami serves up giant drinks that you’ll want to rally up your troops for.

Each of these giant drinks contains almost a gallon of liquid. That’s about 20 regular-sized drinks. These specialty massive concoctions come in two versions: mojito and daiquiri. Both drinks have an entire bottle of prosecco in them, and the bartenders add a personal touch with funky garnishes. Basically, you have your own personal cocktail tap at the table.

Each of these one-gallon drinks will run you $59.99. You’ll need a minimum of four guests to order one of these monstrosities, which makes sense because in no world should someone be able to down this entire thing alone.

Kings has locations across the country in Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Tennessee. If you’re in Miami, try not to die and give one of these ridiculously sized cocktails a try.