Newsletter 7/8/18: Summer 2018’s Top Vacay Spot

summer 2018's top vacay spot

Unsplash/Justin Aikin

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Spot Us On The Beach

According to a 2018 Mastercard study, Punta Cana, which is located on the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, is the number one destination to visit this summer. Cusco, Peru, which is a mountainous city with views to die for, snagged the number two spot.  [Moneyish]

Life Hack Of The Day: Chinese Food Edition

Forget the dinnerware and fold your chinese food container out to be its own plate (it’s designed to do that).

Power Up

Go Mango! Go Mango!

Mangoes are packed with nutrients even though they’re high in sugar (all natural, but still). The delicious fruit has a ton of fiber, allowing for easy digestion, at least 25 percent of your daily recommended dose of vitamin A, which strengthens your eyes, and properties that can even prevent asthma. [Swirled]

Break It Off

Taking short “breaks” from your diet could be the key to reaching your weight loss goals. If you’re cutting out calories (the safe way), taking small haitises from your routine prevents your metabolism from getting used to calorie restriction and slowing down. [Swirled]

Fibing Out

Worried about whether you’re eating too much fiber? It’s possible even though doctors say it’s not likely (in fact, most Americans need more fiber in their diets). Overdoing it could result in stomach cramps, constipation, bloating and dehydration. [Popsugar]

Get It Done

Cut It Short

Sure, you know Control + C to copy text, but did you know that Shift + Command + V allows Mac users to paste text without carrying over formatting? (For PC users, it’s Control + Shift + V). You can also access an emoji keyboard by typing Control + Command + Space Bar (or WIN + Period Mark for PC users). Who doesn’t love keyboard shortcuts? [Swirled]

Sick Of Working Late

Researchers found that women who work 45 hours or more a week have a 63 percent greater risk of developing diabetes than those who work 35 to 40 hours a week. Men who work 45 hours or more, on the other hand, were not found to have the same risk. [CNN]

Take Me To The City

A recent study found that while older generations prefer smaller and more rural places to live, millennials are happiest in cities. Hey, we love our restaurant delivery services and proximity to everything! What can we say? [City Lab]

Savor Each Bite

Eat Themed

Sure, your go-to neighborhood restaurant has the best bolognese ever, but your mind will be blown by visiting some of the craziest themed restaurants in the world. Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine in Hong Kong, for example, offers cute dim sum in the shape of the icon. [Swirled]

Tricks Of The Trade

Big food companies are behind most packaged foods we eat (and sometimes even produce and meat). There are things though that these giant organizations don’t want you to know. Foods marked “multigrain” aren’t necessarily healthier than their white counterparts, and that red dye? Yeah, that comes from insects. Yikes. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day

Your body is a temple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your brunch! Try making a gluten-free, vegan zucchini bread with a chocolate sweet potato frosting that will tame your sweet tooth. Oh, and it’s healthy enough to eat for breakfast. [mindbodygreen]

Pack Your Bags

Flying On The Cheap

Got $1,000? As long as you have steady income, you can afford rent in countries like Montenegro. The Balkans country is as underrated as it is beautiful, and you can find excellent hostels for just $15 a night.  [Swirled]

Let’s A-Go!

Super Mario lovers, we found the most perfect Airbnb for you. The Tokyo lodging is completely Mario-themed from the colors to the paraphernalia, and it sleeps up to 8 for just $131 a night. [Swirled]

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