8 Of The Weirdest Themed Restaurants Around The World


While food (for most people) is usually the primary reason to visit a restaurant, there are some crazy themed spots out there where it’s ok if the food is secondary. People love to eat, but they love to be entertained just as much, sometimes even more. When a restaurant can satisfy your stomach and entertain the hell out of you at the same time, you’ve struck gold. Maybe you want to sip a cocktail out of a severed head or you feel like eating soup out of a toilet bowl. Whatever strikes your fancy. These are 8 of the weirdest themed restaurants around the world.

1. Modern Toilet — Taipei, Taiwan (Multiple Locations)

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Taipei has a reputation for its funky novelty restaurants, but one that tops them all might be the Modern Toilet Restaurant. Located in a young, trendy area of Taipei, Modern Toilet goes all out with the toilet theme. There is absolutely no subtly here, and why should there be? You can get curry and other Taiwanese dishes in bowls shaped like miniature toilets, tubs or sinks.

You’ll find poop-shaped everything — from light fixtures to chocolate buns. You can also drink out of urinal-shaped cups. Oh, and you sit on real toilets while you eat off of glass-covered sinks. There are over ten locations of Modern Toilet across Taiwan and the chain has expanded to Hong Kong.

2. Robot Restaurant — Tokyo, Japan

This robot-themed restaurant in Tokyo is basically like going on an acid trip. There are thousands of restaurants in Tokyo, but this one is kind of insane. Don’t expect the food to be the star of the show. You get a convenience store-level bento box with your entry fee and there’s a small selection of drinks that doesn’t expand much further than canned beer and bottled tea.

Every night, down in a basement in the Kabukicho district, women in bikinis take to the floor and battle using giant robots. This place is pretty much the opposite of anything low-key. Expect neon lights, flashing video screens and mirrors all around you. This place is all kinds of weird, but hey, when it Tokyo.

3. Trailer Park Lounge — New York, New York, U.S.

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If you find yourself in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, the Trailer Park lounge is basically a time warp. You feel like Marty McFly or like you’re somewhere on the outskirts of Vegas. The dive bar gets its style from all of its 50s and 60s-style vintage decor and of course, trailer parks. You’ll see Christmas lights, neon signs and all kinds of old-school paraphernalia.

The menu has comfort foods like nachos, mile-high BLT’s, mac and cheese, homemade chili and char-grilled sandwiches. They also have fun cocktails like Jim Bob’s I.Q., which the spot says is a “blue concoction that will erase any previous sign of intelligence you might have had.” It was voted one of the top 5 “Kitschiest Restaurants in America” by the Food Network. If you’re looking for something satisfyingly tacky, this is your spot.

4. Alcatraz E.R. — Tokyo, Japan

This prison hospital-themed izakaya (a venue where you can drink with snacks on the side) is in Tokyo’s popular suburb, Shibuya. When you arrive at Alcatraz E.R. you’re handcuffed and led to your cell. The dirty and dilapidated walls with fake graffiti and steel tables give off a haunted psych ward vibe. They make you take off your shoes before entering the cell, but you get toilet slippers.

If you want food, bang the metal pipe against the bars of your cell. The colorful menu has a prison twist and some of the cocktails are oddly stirred with sex toys by the staff. There’s a drink called the Brain Shock that’s served in a severed head. You might end up in a room filled with odd decor like sonograms of dead babies and brains in jars. While the food comes in second, the whole experience is just the right balance of creepy, hilarious and entertaining.

5. Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine — Hong Kong, China

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Go for the Hello Kitty-themed everything and stay for the dim sum. This Hong Kong restaurant personifies all of your childhood Morning Glory dreams. Everything from the food to the furniture to the dishes is Hello Kitty-themed. This place is optimal for picture taking purposes. The custard buns, which are shaped like Hello Kitty, seem to be one of the most popular dishes and they’re all kinds of adorable.

The restaurant’s English name is Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine and it’s located in the dense neighborhood of Jordan. The most interesting part is that everything operates like a regular dim sum restaurant here. No elaborate songs or dances. There just happens to be Hello Kitty everywhere.

6. Fly Kouzina — Salt Lake City, Kolkata

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If you love planes or the feeling of being on a plane, Fly Kouzina in Salt Lake City, Kolkata, is a pretty cool experience. The restaurant is aircraft-themed and it serves strictly vegetarian cuisine. You actually feel like you’re getting ready to take off at any minute with windows beside each table.

You enjoy first class service without actually leaving the ground. The menu has a combination of Italian, Asian and Indian cuisine. This could be ideal for someone who’s looking to get over his or her fear of flying.

7. Cabbages And Condoms — Bangkok, Thailand

Winning the award for the most eccentric restaurant name is Cabbages and Condoms. Reflective of its name, the restaurant is on the casual side and it serves Thai cuisine with a family planning concept. A few popular dishes include the spicy sour deep-fried catfish salad, a whole chicken marinated in wild honey and a yellow crab curry. Part of the profits from your meal are donated to support family planning development programs in Thailand. The restaurant’s motto is “our food won’t make you pregnant.”

As you walk through the restaurant, you see life-size mannequins dressed from head-to-toe in elaborate condom-clad outfits. The outside is mellow and beautifully decorated with hanging lights and trees everywhere. Cabbages and Condoms is a must-see when you’re in Bangkok.

8. Heart Attack Grill — Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

Well, if you’re looking to protest your health with a side of pure amusement, the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas is a good choice. At the very least you can sit in the corner and enjoy some prime people watching.  The idea is that you’re a patient so you dress in a hospital gown before you can even sit down.

Everything is made in large portions. You can order wine that comes in an IV bag attached to a pole. If you don’t finish your meal, the server (dressed as nurse) comes around and embarrasses you. Basically, you get spanked or are forced to do karaoke. Don’t look for any veggies or meat alternatives here. It’s meant to be flat out unhealthy. The Quadruple Bypass Burger has been identified as one of the “world’s worst junk foods.” It has four half-pound beef patties, twenty strips of bacon, eight slices of American cheese, a whole tomato and a half an onion. No big deal.