Starbucks Quietly Raises Prices On PSL Launch Day


Look, we like Starbucks just as much as anyone. Its pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere once September hits and its cake pops are damn good (shout out to the tiramisu cake pop). Well, just when we thought the company was on a roll with pumpkin and fall-spiced menu additions, we learned some unfortunate news. Starbucks quietly raised prices on some of its offering the same day it released the PSL for fall. We feel betrayed.

Business Insider reports that on Tuesday, Starbucks raised prices on 10 percent of its menu, including brewed coffee, select espresso drinks, bacon Gouda breakfast sandwiches and cookies. That’s up to 30 cents more per item depending on the store location.

While the hike hasn’t gone national, Starbucks has implemented the increased prices at a large number of locations. About 8,000 stores have been affected.

We’re not saying that Starbucks should keep its prices the same forever. We’re saying that the coffee chain might want to take a few pointers from other big companies like, say, Amazon and Whole Foods? Come on, Starbs — give us a special promo at the very least.