Savvy Saver 4/24/19: Social Media Can Help You Save

social media can help you save


Budget Tip Of The Week: Join Facebook groups to get the scoop on savings.

If you’re not sure where to go for coupons, deals and discounts, look no further than social media. Facebook has a ton of groups dedicated to saving money. From lightning deals to savings tips, you can join them all for free and get the dish on everything you need to spend less. [Swirled]

Definition Of The Week: Wire Transfer

What we now know as simply Venmo’ing our roommate $10 for takeout last night is also known as a wire transfer. Instead of using an app, you can go to your bank and transfer money from your account to another at the same or different bank. You’ll need all of the account and routing numbers, and may even be able to do this through your bank’s online portal. [The Balance]

Digit Of The Week: 0.09%

The average APY (AKA, interest rate) offered by traditional banks. It’s so low that you might only be earning pennies on the money you have in your savings account. Consider switching to a savings account with a high interest rate at an online bank to earn as much as 2,500 times more every year. [Swirled]


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