This Doctor Says If You Sleep In This Position, You’re Probably Addicted To Coffee

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A recent report found that sleeping in certain positions can not only have positive and negative effects on your health but also on your productivity levels. Sleeping a certain way can also reveal if you have a caffeine or smoking addiction as well according to Dr. Michael J. Breus, PhD and DABSM (Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine) also known as The Sleep Doctor.

In a recent article he wrote for Psychology Today, Breus explained that people who sleep on their sides, which is one of the most popular sleep positions, can be linked to positive qualities such as being calm, open-minded and good at compromising. These are all ideal qualities for employees.

Your Bad Side

However, a lot can be revealed by which side you sleep on and what you do with your arms and legs when you are in this position. For example, people who sleep on the left side tend to be creative and well-educated but if you sleep on the right side, there is a strong chance you have a greater chance of being a smoker and having a dependency on caffeine. And that’s just the direction you are facing. If you sleep with your arms at your side, you are usually a more rigid thinker and can be very trusting and gullible. If you sleep with your arms out you tend to be very hard on yourself and others and a little suspicious. That is a lot of information for one sleeping position. I wonder what it means if you sleep with your left pinky slightly askew?

sleep position report
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But what about back sleepers (another very popular position)? Well, no coffee addictions here as Breus says these sleepers tend to be quite confident when they are awake. But they can also be very stubborn and hard on themselves and others. Perhaps not the best quality you would want in a boss.

Stomach sleepers, which can come with a myriad of health problems, is often associated with defensiveness, perfectionism, and sensitivity to criticism. They also tend to be overwhelmed and have control issues. Fetal position sleepers have it a little better as they tend to be conscientious and organized but they also can be anxious and sensitive.

There are pluses and minuses to every sleep position but it seems like side sleepers are the only ones that are associated with addictions. Breus concluded his piece by writing, “The right sleep position for you? It’s the one you’re most comfortable in, which gives you the highest quality rest, and takes into consideration your specific health issues. If you’re not sleeping comfortably, try switching postures and see if you can improve your nightly rest.”

This article originally appeared on Ladders written by Meredith Lepore.


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