16 Things Only Runners Will Understand

running inside jokes

Unsplash/Hunter Johnson

Ah, the runner life. You initially thought you were crazy when you decided to train for that first 5K, and now everyone else thinks you’re crazy for keeping up with it years and years later. But hey, once you find your favorite form of exercise, you might as well hold onto it obsessively and never let it go, right? In that vein, here are 16 things that only runners can truly understand (and appreciate).

1. There’s nothing more exciting than a new pair of sneakers.

2. You will never have the pretty toenails (or feet in general) at the salon.

3. There is a “right” flavor of Gatorade. Everything else is garbage.

4. And you can never have enough water.

5. Running past cigarette-smoking pedestrians is actually the worst.

6. There’s no pain quite like hill sprint training.

7. And there’s no shame in talking openly about poop.

8. Speaking of poop, it takes a lot for a PortaPotty to scare you.

9. You have race t-shirts for days.

10. Stupid tan lines are there to stay.

11. Inner thigh chafing is something you don’t wish upon even your worst of enemies.

12. And side stitches were created by Satan himself.

13. Running really is a super affordable form of therapy.

14. So much so that rest day sometimes feels like torture.

15. You feel proud AF when you shave a measly three seconds off your mile pace.

16. But let’s be honest — you’re really just running toward more carbs.


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