These Under Armour Running Shoes Make Fitness Tracking Stupidly Simple

Under Armour smart running shoe


Let’s face it: We live in the age of data. We track all of our likes on Instagram like Bitcoin, we monitor how many minutes of sleep we log (or don’t log) each night and our phones count every step we take. Seriously, if you broke a sweat, but don’t have any numbers to show for it, did you even work out?

That’s why Under Armour stepped up its running shoe game and integrated the most important features of your favorite fitness trackers into the sneakers themselves. The HOVR Connected series, which launched in February, includes an embedded chip and connects to the MapMyRun app (which is also operated by Under Armour). This connectivity gives runners easy access to both real-time performance data as they run and a comprehensive post-workout stats summary.

All you have to do is download the MapMyRun app (if you don’t have it already) and add your shoe to activate the tracking device. From there, the smart chip will record and send all of your data to the app on your phone — no charging or reactivation necessary. And you’ll be able to review everything from total distance covered to the length of your gait for the sake of injury prevention.

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Tech aside, the sneakers themselves are said to be super comfortable. The sole design absorbs the excess impact of running that leads to all of those familiar joint pains, and it adds a little spring to each next step, creating that coveted weightless feeling.

Depending on your shoe preferences — lightweight and breathable versus cushioned and stable — a pair of these running kicks will cost you up to $140. But considering that’s on par with most other quality running shoes and it includes some serious tech perks, we think they’re a steal.

Now, who’s ready to nerd out over workout data?!

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