Live Out Your Favorite Rom-Coms In These Picture-Perfect Places


Romance is in the air. However, if you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, you have a couple of options. You could curl up on your couch and watch your favorite epic romance movie, or you could start planning your next trip and see if you run into your very own Mr. Darcy. Here are 10 lovely destinations inspired by our favorite rom-coms and dramas that are certainly worth visiting.

1. “The Proposal” — Alaska, U.S.

Just like how Sandra Bullock’s tough love wooed Ryan Reynolds in “The Proposal,” Alaska’s rugged climate will win you over with glacial lakes, towering mountains and an excuse to wear giant sweaters clothes all year round.

You can hole up in either a yurt or a log cabin in the woods (Airbnbs for around $85 per night) with plenty of outdoors time and the coziest placee to curl up after hiking. To reach your proposed paradise, you can fly into Fairbanks or Anchorage and rent a car to get way out of the city.

2. “When Harry Met Sally” — New York, New York, U.S.

Channel Meg Ryan’s iconic 90s style in New York City. We’re hoping for an autumn walk through the park, complete with some witty banter and a bowler hat. And don’t forget to stop at Katz’s Delicatessen for an encore of the infamous shrieking scene.

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If you’re looking for the Nora Ephron NYC (the oh-so-talented rom-com writer and a native New Yorker herself), we suggest staying in Greenwich Village. You can walk to Washington Square Park and the deli — both “Harry Met Sally” staples.

3. “Pride and Prejudice” — Derbyshire, England, U.K.

England, you must allow us to tell you how ardently we admire and love you… and want to come for our own wanders through the countryside to experience the aura of Jane Austen’s classic love story.

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Mr. Darcy’s fictional Pemberley Estate from “Pride and Prejudice” is thought to be modeled after houses in Derbyshire, England. You can even stay in a cottage (a la Elizabeth Bennet) and go for a day tour of old-fashioned Chatsworth House.

4. “Before Sunrise” — Vienna, Austria

What traveler doesn’t dream of reliving Richard Linklater’s ode to the backpacker life? The two lovers meet on a train to Vienna and wander the magnificent city together all night. They see Vienna’s polished buildings, pop into fun pubs and share each other’s life stories as they walk.

We assume you won’t walk all night, so we suggest staying in the Neubau or Wieden areas to match the cool, hipster vibe of “Before Sunrise.” Luckily, Vienna is an extremely walkable city, so if you do want to wander the hours away, just start in the center and follow your instincts.

5. “Dirty Dancing” — Catskill Mountains, New York, U.S.

The Catskills are so beautiful that they will make you want to dance. And while you won’t find the actual Kellerman’s resort from “Dirty Dancing,” it’s reportedly in the works, according to The New York Times.

While you might not find the perfect lake to practice gravity-defying lifts, you can hike to various waterfalls in the area. In that case, we’d suggest swapping your dancing shoes for hiking boots because the mountains can get pretty steep — meaning the views will give you the time of your life.

6. “Amelie” — Paris, France

I don’t think we need to spend time explaining the romance of Paris, but to experience the quirky charm of “Amelie’s” city, you’ll want to steer clear of the biggies like the Arc de Triumphe and Champs de Elysees. You’re following the footsteps of a true Parisian.

Your chic French adventure should include Montmartre, Belleville, Le Marais, Canal St. Martin, Quartier Latin — anywhere with some hidden charm beyond the gorgeous city façades. Find your own little flat on Airbnb for around $70 a night.

7. “Twilight” — Pacific Northwest, U.S.

We know, this isn’t technically a rom-com. But if you add enough wine to a nice hate-watching sesh, it totally is. And “Twilight’s” setting is definitely worth a visit. The temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest are pretty magical — even without the vampire and werewolf mythology.

Take your pick between flying into Seattle, Portland or Vancouver. All three make amazing launching points into the natural wonders of the coast. And if you want to visit the real-deal home of “Twilight,” Forks, Washington, is a real place.

8. “The Notebook” — Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.

Charleston still holds that vintage charm from the days when “The Notebook” was set. You can drool over the old-school architecture and dream of the day when a Ryan Gosling type will build you your dream home with his own bare hands.

You’ll have a better chance of fanciness in a hotel or bed ‘n’ breakfast, but there are Airbnbs at more affordable rates. No matter where you stay, you’re very close to the ocean, so you can go scream about birds until the sun goes down.

9. “Mama Mia” — Greek Islands, Greece

Jump from swimming hole to swimming hole, wander white-washed towns and enjoy the sweeping views — all while singing ABBA (we hope). The movie island is fictional, but the Greecian spirit and girl power remain the same.

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We’d send “Mama Mia”-ers to check out Hydra. It’s quieter than Mykonos and less touristed than Santorini. Here you’ll encounter local fishermen, little fruit markets and entire villas for rent ($150 on Airbnb).

10. “La La Land” — Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Los Angeles is showcased so beautifully in “La La Land” that we almost forget Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are in this film, too. (Ha, just kidding, they’re always scene-stealers.)

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You’ll want to do Griffith Park and Observatory, Santa Monica Pier, a studio lot tour and likely see some jazz. If you want to get really legit, try for an invite to one of the Gatsby-reminiscent industry parties featured in the movie. (We’ve got a lot of travel tips, but we can’t really help you with an in there.)